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Who Are You…Sharing Your Clothes With?

There’s no getting away from it, germs are everywhere – from your kitchen surfaces and floors, to your computer’s keyboard at work. Your laundry and washing machine are no different, in fact it has been suggested the average washing machine load can contain as much as 100 million E.Coli bacteria at any given time. [source:]Read more

How To Easily Clean A Smelly Washing Machine

How To Easily Clean a Smelly Washing Machine

A smelly washing machine is a common issue faced by many homeowners throughout the UK. And such an issue is becoming more frequent due to many of us opting to wash at lower temperatures which results in the bacteria not being killed off.

Cleaning your washing machine to remove the dirt and the odours isn’t a difficult task – and below, we explain why your washing machine smells and share our top tips on how to clean a smelly washing machine.

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Fix It With Tools

Helping Customers Fix It During Fix It Week and Beyond

At eSpares we are inundated with customer questions through our social media accounts, as well as our blog and we love to answer these questions as we know our answers help our customers fix their appliances for less.

To celebrate Fix It Week, we’ve randomly picked three customer questions we’ve been asked since the start of the year – along with the answers we’ve provided, in the hope that these questions will help you fix your appliance.

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Washing Machine Lined Up

Why Your Washing Machine Isn’t Spinning And How To Fix It

When it comes to your washing machine not spinning, it can occur either during the wash cycle (which is often discussed as the drum not turning) or at the end of the wash – when the appliance doesn’t perform the fast spin cycle.

In this article we cover both issues, providing you with the advice and guidance required to fix it yourself at home, with minimal cost but maximum returns.

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How to Clean a Washing Machine

A smelly washing machine is a common problem, but it isn’t one which should be ignored. The best way to tackle unpleasant odours, and dirt, within your washing machine is to clean it regularly.

In this post, we explain how to clean a washing machine, in the most effective way to clean your washing machine, without the need for an expensive washing machine cleaner. Instead, when it comes to cleaning your washing machine you will need to focus on the 4 Ds – door, dispenser drawer, drum and door seal – then all that’s left to do is follow the advice below…

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