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8 Things You Should Never Put In The Washing Machine

Ever put a red sock in with a white wash? Experienced a shrinking nightmare and had to explain to your roommates? We’ve all had a washing woe at some point in our lives!

When it comes to laundry there are plenty of do’s and don’ts to get your head around! To make it easier, here we have a list of 8 items that should never ever see the inside of your washing machine!

Hand Holding A Red Bra


We know it’s extra effort but you should always, always hand wash your bras! Washing machines can cause them to become out of shape and no longer fit and if you’ve spent a lot of money on them, this is far from ideal! Plus, if the underwire comes loose this could get stuck in your washing and even damage the inside of your machine. Stick to the hand wash!


Keep your suits looking smooth by keeping them away from the washing machine! Most suits are made from delicate, high-quality fabrics that can easily shrink or share in the wash. It’s best to take them to the dry cleaners or use a steamer to rid them of wrinkles in-between visits.

Mans Full Suit On Hanger

Blue Dress With Sequins

Embellished Items

Sparkle for longer by hand washing your sequin, embellished or glittery items by hand. Embellishments that are glued or sewn on can easily fall off or tear in the washing machine and damage your clothing.


Your swimwear is put through enough with chlorine and seawater without getting damaged in the washing machine too! Your washer could loosen its elasticity and cause the colour to fade. Stick to hand washing and leave them out to dry instead of using your tumble dryer.

Swimming Costume And Hat On Washing Line

Pair Of Pink Baby Girl Socks

Baby Socks

Are you convinced the washing machine is eating your socks? Well, you’re not actually wrong! Small items, especially baby socks, clothes, and small washcloths can get stuck in the hoses and vents. You can hand wash these items, but if you’d rather give them a thorough clean, place them in an enclosed mesh bag and keep them away from the sock eating monster!

Running Shoes

Some trainers can be washed in the machine but running shoes could be damaged especially those with leather. The harsh water could shrink the shoes and make them uncomfortable or peel off the leather. Instead, try scrubbing stubborn stains with a toothbrush and use a shoe spray to get rid of any unwanted smells!

Grey Sports Trainers

Jack Russel Terrier Lying On Sofa

Items Covered In Pet Hair

Pet hair can cause havoc in your washing machine! When wet, it can travel to other items in the wash, stick to the sides of the machine and even clog your drain pipes. Before placing items in the wash, use a lint roller to rid them of as much hair as possible.


Material such as wool, velvet, and cashmere are too delicate for machine washing as it could cause them to shrink or damage the material. Try using a mesh laundry bag to reduce the friction or consider dry cleaning very delicate items. Remember to always check the care label!

Pile Of Colourful Jumpers

For more washing machine tips, check out these common washing machine mistakes you could be making!

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