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Last Orders Before Christmas

Hi All, keep in mind the last day to order an ‘in stock’ part is on or before 22nd of December. Also make sure you choose ‘Next day delivery’ to ensure the items will get to you. Happy trails.

It’s Beginning to Look……..

With the festive season fully upon us one can’t help but stop and take notice of the decorations and lights that have sprung up all over the country. The once cold dark high streets are now brilliantly illuminated with festive décor. Brightly coloured snowmen, stars, angels and the lot. What could be considered tacky and over the top actually helps to spread festive cheer, increases morality and makes the world a better place.

Gemma Doe of Luton spends all year eagerly anticipating the festive season when she can illuminate her home and share the festive cheer with those in her neighbourhood. ‘It brings me such pleasure to make my home beautiful and sparkly. The children love it and people stop to take pictures n’ that. I think it makes the neighbourhood feel really happy’

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Purple Christmas Present And Decorations

Don’t Get Caught Out This Christmas

Right so with the festive season upon us and Christmas only 17 days away, I can’t help but take a moment to think about what comes to mind when I hear the word Christmas; Sharing, giving, receiving (come on I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look forward to getting a little something for myself) family, friends, food, alcohol, more food, tight-fitting trousers as a result of more food and probably a half-inch of snow that will no doubt grind the country to a halt and strand thousands of passengers trying to fly home.

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At eSpares we take pride in what we accomplish on a day to day basis with a relatively small staff base. Even when taking into account head office, call centre and warehouse, eSpares is made up of a relatively small workforce, as we hold a quality vs quantity type attitude when it comes to hiring. Over the years we’ve seen people come and go but that said there has always remained a core group and a strong sense of camaraderie.

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Thank you Which? Members

A recent Which? article titled ‘Top 75 online shops rated by their customers’ ranks eSpares at a respectable 31st place. The customer score is based on satisfaction with the site when they last bought an item and their likelihood of recommending the site to a friend.

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Pumpkin Carved For Halloween

Happy Halloween

Ok people with Halloween fast approaching this weekend I’m sure there are loads of you still struggling for costume ideas. Likewise those of you who may very well have ideas but if you live in the south west and your nearest party store fell victim to recent riots you could be frantically searching to find convenient alternatives! Fear not cause this year you can be the talk of your ghoulish parties by using spares found in and around your house. Not to mention you’ll be saving time and money all the while being the envy of your mates. Expect to over-hear such things as:

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Better Late Than Never

The sunny British Summer (see: some nice weather for a few days) is finally upon us. What better time to take advantage and tackle any nagging unfinished DIY in and around your house and garden?

Right, you’re thinking why in the heck would I waste this weather on DIY? But it’s a known fact* that DIY completion is directly and positively correlated with the capacity to feel pleasure. Simply, the more you DIY the more pleasure you’ll feel in all other aspects of your life. You thought the meal you had last night tasted pretty damn good? Now think, had you cleaned the gutters beforehand, suddenly that pork pie and Special Brew is tasting like a 5* Michelin meal washed down with Moet & Chandon. Or hey, maybe the 5* posh nonsense you were forced to eat is now tasting more like a good ol’ pork pie and brew.

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Cooker Hoods Explained And Care

The Boy’s In The Hood

The least glamorous of the kitchen appliances has to be the cooker hood. It’s arguable whether it’s even an appliance. It just cleans up some of the mess created by another appliance. So a video explaining how they work and what you can do to keep yours working properly was always going to be a tough call. But we think Matt’s just about pulled it off in his latest video.

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