Better Late Than Never

The sunny British Summer (see: some nice weather for a few days) is finally upon us. What better time to take advantage and tackle any nagging unfinished DIY in and around your house and garden?

Right, you’re thinking why in the heck would I waste this weather on DIY? But it’s a known fact* that DIY completion is directly and positively correlated with the capacity to feel pleasure. Simply, the more you DIY the more pleasure you’ll feel in all other aspects of your life. You thought the meal you had last night tasted pretty damn good? Now think, had you cleaned the gutters beforehand, suddenly that pork pie and Special Brew is tasting like a 5* Michelin meal washed down with Moet & Chandon. Or hey, maybe the 5* posh nonsense you were forced to eat is now tasting more like a good ol’ pork pie and brew.

Whatever it might be in and around your house needing some fixing up, hop to it and give it the TLC it deserves. Before you know it the clocks will go back, the country will be plunged into cold, wet and darkness come 15:00 and you’ll be forced to do DIY by candlelight.

Whether it’s the cracked bottle shelf in your fridge needing replacing or the foot-long grass in your garden needing a tidy make sure your appliances and machinery are up to scratch and in working order. Don’t feel discouraged. Most fix-it-yourself jobs are easier than they might first seem and with the help of our ‘How to’ videos can prove to be a breeze.

Happy fixing 😉

Fact* pretty alright assumption

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