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Red Boots Pressure Washing

How to Karcher Your Back to School Cleaning

Although summer may be drawing to a close and autumn is shuffling its way in, all happiness is not lost. If you have children, September means only one thing…they’ve gone back to school! Hooray for education!

So, as you go about trying to restore a vestige of sanity to your home following months with the little dears, we thought it would be handy to show you some of the ways you can depend on Karcher to help you with some key tasks.

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Pressure Washer Tricks And Tips

Pressure Washer Tips

Since the nationwide lifting of the hosepipe ban, we’ve had a lot of customers write in to express how excited they are to get outside and enjoy their pressure washers. Now, there has certainly been plenty of the wet stuff falling from the sky, which will help to naturally clean and get rid of dust and debris. However, for those areas that still require a good scrubbing, enter the pressure washer.Read more

Elephant On Field

Pressure Wash Your Elephant

You may or may not have heard of The Gadget Show, a Channel 5 magazine show that delights in all things, well, gadgety, funnily enough. It’s an agreeable watch, something to chuck on just as you’ve got home from work and need to relax for half an hour. Indeed, it’s Wikipedia page states that ‘it aims to give enough information for the more “geeky” or knowledgeable audience, but still making it accessible to the more casual viewer’, and I’d say that it fulfills that remit admirably.

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