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Got a Pressure Washer? You Need to Know About Clean Art

We’ve discovered something new that you can do with your pressure washer. And we’re suitably impressed. Clean art (also known as reverse graffiti or green graffiti) is a thing and a thing of beauty.

What’s “clean art” when it’s at home then?

Traditional art is made by adding to paint to a surface, but clean art is different; it takes away instead of adding. Dirt is washed away from a wall or floor using a pressure washer to create beautiful pictures and patterns.

But show, don’t tell! We’ve got some examples for you to see for yourself.

Professional Clean Art

Floral Themed Clean Art By Manou Bendon
Credit: Manou Bendon via

Forest Themed Clean Art By Manou Bendon
Credit: Manou Bendon via

Manou Bendon

Expert in the clean art arena, Manou Bendon who’s based in London actually does it for a living. The pictures above show two projects he’s completed for Daniel Shea at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show (left) and Transport for London (right).

Here is his personal site if you’d like to check out more of his work.



Back Garden Clean Art

However, this type of concrete embellishment isn’t just for the professionals. You can decorate your very own patio or pathway using your pressure washer.

Here are some of the folks who have given it a go.

Allen Wong

Superman Paving Slab By Allen Wong
Credit: Regoapps via Imgur

Batman Paving Slab By Allen Wong
Credit: Regoapps via Imgur

Possibly the most impressive example we came across was created by Imgur user Regoapps (Allen Wong) who decided that instead of cleaning his paving slabs he was going to create something rather more super.

Jill Webb

Patterned Pressure Washed Patio by Jill Webb
Credit: Jill Webb via Pinterest

Pinterest user Jill Webb pressure washed a beautiful design onto a patio using doormats as a stencil. We love this innovation!

Matthew Swab

Geometric shapes were the key feature of Matthew’s driveway and path designs.

Ron Jelich

Ron’s path art is absolutely Kraken. In fact, it’s so tentacle-tastic you have to sea it to believe it.

Stuart Conway

We couldn’t bel-leaf how adept Stuart is at pressure washing this tree design free-hand.

Over To You!

Feeling inspired yet? If you have a pressure washer why not give clean art a go. It’s a great activity to do with the kids or for creative types. Be sure to share your creations on our Facebook page.

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    on September 25, 2019 at 12:43 am - Reply

    Mad skills! Very talented artists. Makes me want to try it out myself on my next cleaning day.

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