Pressure Washer Tricks And Tips

Pressure Washer Tips

Since the nationwide lifting of the hosepipe ban, we’ve had a lot of customers write in to express how excited they are to get outside and enjoy their pressure washers. Now, there has certainly been plenty of the wet stuff falling from the sky, which will help to naturally clean and get rid of dust and debris. However, for those areas that still require a good scrubbing, enter the pressure washer.

Pressure washer cleaners, when used properly, are highly effective at power-cleaning your patio areas, decking, drives, and your elephant. If you’re a seasoned pressure washing veteran, stop reading and get at it. If you’re a first-time pressure washer user, have a quick read of the following points to help get you started.

Choose The Right Nozzle or Tip For Your Machine

There are quite a few different types of nozzles and attachments for your pressure washer, depending on what you want to use it for. Generally speaking, if you’re using detergent in the pressure washer you’ll want a low-pressure tip that slowly draws the detergent from the machine through the nozzle. When you’ve finished using a detergent or you just don’t need to use detergent at all, use a higher pressure tip.

Testing The Power

Start spraying a few feet away from any object and then slowly bring the wand 3-4 feet distance from the surface you intend to clean. Moving the wand side to side, check to see if the surface is clean. As you go along slowly bring the wand 1-2 feet closer and continue in side-to-side movement. It’s best to gradually clean this way so as not to aggressively blast and damage any area or object.

Using Solutions

If you do want to use any detergents or solutions, be sure they are suited for pressure washing – if they’re not, don’t use them. If you use a solution that is not recommended for use with a pressure washer, you could damage the vital components of the machine. You could also cause serious damage to your garden by using a pavement-specific cleaner on wood, or vice versa. Wait for 5-10 minutes after using a detergent before you rinse, to allow it to do its job properly. Don’t leave it too much longer though or you might be left with streak marks.

Plan What To Clean

Obviously, you’ll want to be very careful about cleaning around windows, flower boxes or anything that might come between yourself and the spray. Be very careful when spraying around windows as even the tiniest hole or opening could result in a big puddle inside! Take your time when pressure washing, and a use a ‘slow and steady’ wins the race mentality. It’s really easy to get carried away and spray areas quickly and not thoroughly. You’ll end up with a streaky half-arsed job!

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  1. Lucia

    on December 6, 2012 at 1:29 pm - Reply

    Pressure washer can clean effectively if hot water is used for the cleaning purposes. It is good to read manual instructions to adjust the pressure on different types of surfaces. Pressure washers can clean the cars and other transportation vehicles.

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