It’s Beginning to Look……..

With the festive season fully upon us one can’t help but stop and take notice of the decorations and lights that have sprung up all over the country. The once cold dark high streets are now brilliantly illuminated with festive décor. Brightly coloured snowmen, stars, angels and the lot. What could be considered tacky and over the top actually helps to spread festive cheer, increases morality and makes the world a better place.

Gemma Doe of Luton spends all year eagerly anticipating the festive season when she can illuminate her home and share the festive cheer with those in her neighbourhood. ‘It brings me such pleasure to make my home beautiful and sparkly. The children love it and people stop to take pictures n’ that. I think it makes the neighbourhood feel really happy’

Unfortunately not everyone shares in the love of the festive lights. Harry and Iain from the neighbouring tower block have now come to fear the time of year when ‘the lights’ go up. Iain said ‘It’s the same thing every year. They shine so bright all through the night it makes it damn near impossible to sleep’ Harry added, ‘It wasn’t so bad the first couple of years when there were only a few strands but each year more and more lights get added. Sometimes we’d get lucky if she was away but now she must’ve got em on a timer or something cause even when she ain’t home come 5 clock they’re on’

In mentioning the comments of Harry and Iain to Gemma she replied ‘I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t enjoy them. It makes me really sad actually. If it wasn’t for the drastic, unmanageable rise in my energy bill I’d keep em on all year.’

Nevermind, at eSpares we are all about festive cheer and like Gemma take much pride in decorating the office to reflect this.

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