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Are You Using Your Washing Machine Correctly?

According to Which? customers expect their washing machine to last an average of 6 years before it needs replacing.

To ensure yours stands the test of time and keeps your clothes fresher for longer, it may need a bit of extra TLC. Make sure you’re not making these common washing machine mistakes which could be damaging your machine (and your clothes.)

Man Pulling Pockets From Trousers

Not Emptying Your Pockets

Not only are you losing money and destroying important notes and recipes, but you could also be damaging your machine. Items such as change, tissue or gum can clog the water drain and damage the inner workings of your washer. So, next time you fill a load be sure to check all pockets – you may even find some cash you didn’t know you had, bonus!

Washing Machine Door Open With Clothes Coming Out


If you think adding that one extra item into your load won’t hurt, think again! Overloading your washing machine makes it work extra hard and can result in unnecessary wear and tear. Working harder can also mean it is using up more energy, which could be costing you money!

Clothing Label With Laundry Care Instructions

Not Checking the Label

Sorting your washing into colours and fabric types can extend the life of your washer and your clothes. Don’t forget to check the label and ensure they are being washed on the right setting. Here’s a list of washing care labels and what they mean.

Wet Clothes Inside Machine

Leaving Clothes in the Machine

When your wash has finished, try to remove the laundry straight away. Wet items left in the washer could cause mould and mildew to grow and lead to a foul-smelling machine and laundry. It’s also a good idea to leave the washer door open until your next load to allow it to dry out.

Hands Pouring Detergent In The Washing Machine

Using too Much Detergent

Less is more! Too much detergent in your load not only leaves clothes stiff, but it could also cause wear on your machine and lead to overflowing. High-Efficiency washers use even less soap, so be sure to check your detergent amount.

Washing Machine Draw With Cleaning Solution

Not Cleaning out Dispensers

When you’ve finished your laundry, make sure you wipe down the detergent and fabric softener dispensers. If left, the detergent could build up and cause clogging in your machine.

Man Measuring Washing Machine Level

Not Levelling Your Machine

If your washing machine is not level, vibrations can cause wear and tear on components and even damage your flooring (not to mention it makes a terrible noise.) Place a level on top of the machine and adjust the feet, which typically screw up and down.

For more tips on how to get the most out of your washing machine, check out our Advice Centre.

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