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Tried and Tested! eSpares reviews the Ecoegg range

We all need to wash and dry our laundry, but it’s common knowledge that this task isn’t necessarily the most eco-friendly of household chores. Fortunately, the Ecoegg range is here to knock down your energy expenditure, your electricity bill and your laundry drying time. Now that’s what we call a hat trick!

Now that we have both the Ecoegg Laundry Egg and the Ecoegg Dryer Egg in stock, we were eager to give them a try for ourselves to see if they live up to their name. Read on to find out how to use the Ecoegg range and see what Amy, our Social Media Assistant, has to say…


Ecoegg Laundry Egg

Laundry Egg Range

Top Benefits:
  • Lasts 50/70 wash cycles
  • A harmless and eco-friendly replacement for chemical products
  • No need for laundry detergent or fabric conditioner
  • Suitable for both white and coloured clothing, as well as all fabrics
  • Available in 3 fragrance options; Fresh Linen, Spring Blossom and Fragrance-Free
  • Made without any testing or cruelty to animals, and without animal derivatives
  • Rated excellent for sensitive skin by Dermatest
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Saves up to 40* plastic bottles each year. (*Based on 7 washes a week and 18 wash bottles)

How to use

Step One: Open the Ecoegg

Open and Empty Laundry Egg

The first thing you need to do is prep the Laundry Egg for use. Simply press the button in the middle and twist to open the egg and you’ll see that it’s empty to begin with.

Step Two: Fill it up

Laundry Egg and Pellets

Next, grab a packet of pellets and pour them into the bottom of the egg. The bottom piece is the larger of the two parts and will allow you to add the pellets without them spilling over.

Step Three: Add the egg

Ecoegg on Laundry

After you close the egg back up with the pellets inside, you can go ahead and pop the Laundry Egg on top of your laundry inside the washing machine.

Step Four: Take it for a spin

Ecoegg in Washing Machine

Now you can close your washing machine up and put it on for a cycle. There’s no need for detergent or softener – the egg is all you need to get the job done!

Step Five: Refill your egg

Laundry Egg Pellet Refill

Your Laundry Egg will last up to 70 washes. When the pellets have shrunk to around half their original size or you notice a reduction in performance, it’s time for a refill! Not to worry though, refills packs are available in all three fragrance options and last up to 50 washes each.

And our verdict is…

Amy and Laundry Egg

Here’s what Amy had to say:

“Brilliant product! It’s so easy to use and affordable, and I love how eco-conscious they are too. They cleaned the clothes as expected, and the egg is super sturdy so there’s no need to worry about it popping open during a wash cycle. Even the box they come in – there isn’t any filler packaging to bulk it up, so there is minimal waste. Eliminating the need for detergent and fabric softeners also saved heaps of space in my laundry cupboard too. I think more people should invest in the Ecoegg Laundry Egg for sure!”


Ecoegg Dryer Egg

Dryer Egg Range

Top Benefits:

  • Reduces tumble drying time by up to 28%, saving money and energy
  • Comes with 2 dryer eggs
  • Fragrances clothes without the need for chemicals or fabric softeners
  • Leaves laundry super soft and is great for sensitive skin
  • Available in 2 fragrance options; Fresh Linen and Spring Blossom
  • For a fragrance-free option, use without any sticks
  • Fragrance sticks last approximately 20 cycles each, with 4 included with the Ecoegg Dryer Egg itself

How to use

Step One: Scent it up

Dyer Egg Fragrance Stick

Place the fragrance sticks of your selected scent into the two Dryer Eggs and push them all the way in. These sticks last approximately 20 cycles each before they need replacing, and they can be purchased separately.

Step Two: Pop them in

Dryer Eggs and Washing Machine

Next place the Dryer Eggs with their fragrance sticks inside your tumble dryer, laying them on top of the laundry you’re wanting to dry. Remember, if you like your laundry fragrance-free, you can just use the eggs without any sticks.

Step Three: Dry away

Dryer Eggs on Laundry

Now you’re ready to dry your laundry so you can stick it on for a spin. Again, no softener or chemicals are necessary – the Dryer Egg will both soften and fragrance your laundry at the same time.

Did it dry as expected?

Amy and Dryer Eggs

Here are Amy’s thoughts on the Dryer Egg:

The scents are really great! They don’t smell artificial or overpowering at all. The clothes came out dry and smelling naturally fresh, just what the packaging promised. And, just like the Laundry Egg, everything about it is eco-friendly, right down to the actual packaging of the egg itself. I’m a big hater of waste, so this really impressed me.”

And there you have it! Make sure you check out our Ecoegg range for yourself to see what the magic is all about. We promise you’ll be just as impressed as we are!

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