Cooker Hoods Explained And Care

The Boy’s In The Hood

The least glamorous of the kitchen appliances has to be the cooker hood. It’s arguable whether it’s even an appliance. It just cleans up some of the mess created by another appliance. So a video explaining how they work and what you can do to keep yours working properly was always going to be a tough call. But we think Matt’s just about pulled it off in his latest video.

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We're Running Some More

We’re Running!

Howdy chaps and chapettes. As some of you might already know a few of the athletically and not so athletically inclined staff members at eSpares are running the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon. The team has been vigilantly training and with just over 3 weeks to go are starting to feel excited and perhaps slightly anxious at the thought of running such a distance. The crew will be running for a great cause in support of The Children’s Trust which provides care, education, therapy and rehabilitation to children with multiple disabilities, complex health needs and acquired brain injury.

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Beware Extended Warranties

Last week’s BBC Watchdog looked at the subject of extended warranties. I have written previously about the poor value for money that extended warranties offer most people. We first began to look at these products when our customers told us about their dissatisfaction with them. Typically, the exclusions to the policy weren’t made clear by in-store sales staff at the time the warranty was being sold. Customers were left to fix any problems themselves when the policy underwriters used these exclusions to get out of honouring the policy.

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How to ‘How-To’

One question we’re often asked, via our customer comments, is how we make our videos. Specifically, what technology we use to film, edit, export and upload them. Most people are wanting to create something similar for themselves and looking for advice about buying cameras or editing software. Our intention always is to create in house, informative, helpful videos at the least expense. Thus far I think we have succeeded!

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1000 Days Praise

We at eSpares are singing the praises of our fellow employee, James Cook. Today marks the 1000th day that James has not been ill or late for a shift. When asked how in the blinking heck he has managed such a feat, he replied “It is simple, leave for work the same time every day.” When asked how he managed to not be ill for that time, his answer was, “My father is a doctor, you can’t fool a doctor, so I had to be practically dying before I was allowed to stay at home. I guess it is what I learnt.” Good on you James and a massive congratulations from all of us at eSpares!


Electrolux Design Lab Innovation

Electrolux Design Lab

I blogged about this at about this time last year, but you know what? I really think this is a great idea from Electrolux. Their Design Lab competition is aimed at design students from around the world. They are ‘invited to present innovative ideas for household appliances of the future.’Read more


Today Matt is down at our studio with Gabe the video producer/director/overlord shooting some “How To” videos on a chainsaw. Chainsaws are easily the most bad ass appliance that we currently sell spares for. You can’t make a golden eagle out of a tree with a fridge, and there definitely is not a movie called The Texas Breadmaker Massacre.

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