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Our Top 12 Videos To Celebrate Hitting 25 Million YouTube Views

Over the weekend, we hit (and then surpassed) 25 million views on our YouTube channel, so to celebrate we thought we would share the 12 top videos on the channel – some of which have required us to delve into our back catalogue.

How To Replace Washing Machine Bearings:

This video went live in 2011 and is the first of the eSpares videos to surpass 1 million views – clocking up 1,350,384 views at the time of writing.

Within the video, Matt explains how to fit new drum bearings to a washing machine, a repair you will need to carry out if there is a lot of movement between the drum and outer tube of your washing machine, or if the appliance is making an unbearable sound when in use – a sound one customer described as a “concrete mixer on overdrive”.

Although replacing the bearings on a washing machine isn’t the easiest repair to carry out, it is doable at home – if you follow the advice outlined in our video.

How To Replace a Washing Machine Door Seal on a Bosch Washer:

If your Bosch washing machine has developed a leak, there’s a good chance the door seal has become worn, damaged or perished. This is a common problem experienced with washing machines and for over 4 years, our video has been guiding people through the process of replacing the door seal on a Bosch washing machine.

To date the video has received in excess of 750,000 views, and you can view it for yourself and find out how easy it is to replace a washing machine door seal on a Bosch washer, by watching the video below.

Kärcher K2.14 Pressure Washer Demo:

Whether you’re looking to clean your car, patio, garden furniture or pathways the Kärcher K2.14 pressure washer is a must have, particularly when it is accompanied by a range of Kärcher pressure washer accessories.

In this video, which has amassed over 535,000 in the 5 years it has been live, demonstrates how to use the Kärcher K2.14 pressure washer, to get the most out of it whilst ensuring the cleaning of various areas is done effectively and quickly, saving you time, money and water.

How To Replace a Washing Machine Door Seal on an AEG Washer:

When doing laundry, the last thing any of us want to experience is a leaking washing machine, but if the door seal becomes worn or damaged this can be a real problem. Thankfully, repairing the problem on an AEG washing machine isn’t difficult, as Mat explains in our “How To Replace a Washing Machine Door Seal on an AEG Washer” video, which has clocked up over 518,000 views in the 6 years it has been live on our YouTube channel.

How to Unblock a Drain: Kärcher Drain Cleaning Kit Accessory:

Unblocking an outside drain doesn’t need to result in an expensive call out charge to get a drain specialist. Instead, by combining the Kärcher drain cleaning kit with a Kärcher pressure washer, you can clean and unblock the drain yourself, without any need for chemicals.

Our video, below, which went live in 2009 and has received over 446,000 views explains just how easy it is to unblock drains with the Kärcher drain cleaning kit.

How To Replace Washing Machine Carbon Brushes on a Bosch:

The carbon brushes play an important part in keeping your Bosch washing machine running to its full potential as they conduct the electricity from the fixed parts of the motor through to the moving parts. But over time, as a result of general wear and tear, carbon brushes can become worn.

In our “How To Replace Washing Machine Carbon Brushes on a Bosch” video, which has received over 410,000 views in 6 years, Rory explains how to replace the carbon brushes on your washing machine to bring it back to its former glory for less.

How to Clean Your Oven:

A dirty oven doesn’t only leave unpleasant odours lingering in your kitchen, but it can also impact on the performance of your oven and potentially sour the taste of the food you’re cooking.

To thoroughly clean your oven requires a bit of elbow grease, time and patience – as explained by Matt in our “How to Clean Your Oven” video, which to date has been watched 402,139 times.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning – Kärcher:

Steam cleaning is a popular method for cleaning carpets, flooring, furniture and upholstery – and for good reason. By using a steam cleaner, you remove the need to use a multitude of chemicals, whilst still ensuring you provide a deep clean which sanitises.

In our video, below, which has been viewed more than 354,000 times, Josh provides further benefits of steam cleaning, when using a Kärcher steam cleaner.

How to Replace a Washing Machine Door Seal on a Hotpoint:

As touched upon above, a leaking washing machine is a common problem usually caused as a result of the door seal becoming significantly worn or damaged.

It should come as no surprise that our video “How to Replace a Washing Machine Door Seal on a Hotpoint” is our ninth most viewed video of all time – reaching 329,845 views – and the 3rd in this list relating to replacing a washing machine door seal.

Dryer Problems: How to Fix a Dryer That’s Not Heating Up:

When it comes to drying your laundry, particularly during the winter months, the tumble dryer can be an invaluable appliance – which is why it’s frustrating when it develops a fault, such as not heating up.

Unfortunately, it would seem many of you have experienced such an issue, as our video “Dryer Problems: How to Fix a Dryer That’s Not Heating Up” – in which Rory explains how to change the thermostats and heating element on a Hotpoint tumble dryer – has received over 310,000.

How To Diagnose Washing Machine Drain & Pump Problems:

If your washing machine drain or pump are experiencing problems, the performance of your appliance will be hindered. But, as explained by Josh in our video “How To Diagnose Washing Machine Drain and Pump Problems” (which has been watched 314,239 times) – it is possible to diagnose and repair such issues yourself, at home.

How To Cure a Smelly Washing Machine:

Ok, so this video may not be one of our most viewed, having received just over 80,000 in the year it has been live, but it is one which we think you should all watch – particularly as a smelly washing is a common problem throughout the UK.

A smelly washing machine is caused due to the build up of dirt and bacteria in various parts of the appliance, including the soap dispenser drawer, door seal and internal parts. But, by following the advice outlined in the video (below) and providing your appliance with a monthly maintenance wash, you can cure a smelly washing machine quickly and easily – helping to keep your appliance working to its full potential.

As these 12 videos highlight, our YouTube channel is full of videos which will help you diagnose and repair faults with your household and garden appliances, whilst also providing you with tips and advice on maintaining your appliances helping them to work at their full potential for longer.

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