Warning Sign

Important Safety Warning: Beko Frost Free Fridge Freezers

The manufacturer of Beko fridge freezers has issued a warning. In a very small number of incidents, the defrost timer on a certain production range of BEKO frost free refrigeration can fail and overheat. The models affected were manufactured between January 2000 and October 2006. Beko will carry out a free in-home modification to the defrost timer if yours is affected.

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Its Good to Torx

It’s Good to Torx

I’d always wondered why modern appliances were held together by Torx head screws. I mean, everyone has a flat head or a Phillips screwdriver. Or even an Allen key. A lot less people own Torx head screwdrivers. So why do appliance manufacturers put Torx head screws on their appliances? To annoy us? To make us spend money on Torx head screwdrivers as part of some wild conspiracy?

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Lawnmower With Grass Box

How to Replace a Flymo Switch Box

The typically British weather we’ve been having the last couple of weeks has left the grass in my back garden well in need of a trim. Over the last fortnight we’ve seen plenty of sun and a load of rain – perfect conditions for a lawn growth spurt.

One of the most common areas to break in Flymo electric mowers is the on-off switch and handle section – especially if during periods of heavy use. It can be really frustrating, as you know the mower is working fine, it’s just one of the more superficial parts that’s preventing you using it. Good thing the switch box is a doddle to replace!

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Bread In Corn Field

Salute To Breadmakers

Breadmakers may have a bit of a reputation as a reserve of the middle classes, but if that’s so, then call me an accountant who lives in Surrey. Having played with one yesterday, I was rather captivated by how such a simple thing (it’s made up of, like, five parts) can make such delicious food, making master bakers of us. Check out this video, where I replace the element. Easy!

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