Open Dishwasher

Dishwasher Not Cleaning Properly?

It really is the worst when you’re unloading the dishwasher and you notice all the stuff that was meant to have been washed has still got the crusty remains of last night’s dinner all over it. If crusty crockery is bothering you, check out this little gem of a video. In it, Matt takes you through the causes of, and solutions for, your dishwasher not cleaning properly.

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Wacky Vacuum Infomercial

Tomorrow we’re shooting some videos on an old Sebo X1 vacuum. Before we get to shooting the videos, obviously we need to do a bit of research in to the appliance. Apart from taking the appliance apart, we do a lot of online research. Whilst researching today I found a quite surreal American informercial shot in the 1980s(?) for the Windsor Sensor vacuum. That’s what the Americans call the Sebo X1 y’see. Check this little beauty out…

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Creating And Editing An Espares Video

Sock It To ‘Em

A lot of planning goes in to every How-To video we shoot. A general rule is for every day’s worth of filming we do, a day’s worth of planning goes in to it too. Usually, Gabe, the director/editor/cameraman/Mr. Fix It, heads down to the set a couple of days in advance.

Once a hearty sausage roll from Kucci Cafe just round the corner, he sets about literally deconstructing the whole appliance we’re due to work on down to the sum of its parts.

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Electrolux Sea Vacuum Collection

Some Really Cool Vacuums

You’ve got to hand it to Electrolux. They launched their ‘Vac from the Sea’ campaign last year, aiming to highlight ‘the immediate need for the world to take better care of plastics and support the heroes that do’. A noble cause, I’m sure you’ll agree. To highlight the problem, they’ve harvested plastic debris from ocean sites around the world where ‘the plastic problem is immense’, and created unique, fully working vacuums based on the Electrolux Ultra One Green model.

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