The Cooker Hood is Your Friend

Cooking can generate all kinds of smells – some delicious, some not so delicious. However, one thing is constant. When your delicious beef bourgignon or sausage casserole has been consumed, the last thing you want is its scent to linger.

And that’s where our trusty friend the cooker hood comes in. Now a staple in the majority of kitchens, the units are usually a sleek stainless steel or more rustic shade, depending on what you’re going for. There’s a hob-facing cooker hood lamp in them too – handy, functional, and good lookin’.

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Moving A Fridge Freezer

Moving Fridges and Freezers

Should you leave them to stand after moving them?

I was recently asked about the correct thing to do when moving a fridge or freezer. Is it true that you’re supposed to leave your appliance to stand for some time before you switch it on again? I’m well aware of the advice but I really didn’t know whether it was based on any facts or was just an old wives’ tale. There’s certainly plenty of conflicting information on the Internet, ranging from scary assertions that your fridge will definitely blow up to outright dismissal as an urban legend.

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Washing Machine Detergent Capsules

Choosing the Right Laundry Detergent

There are a lot of different laundry detergents out there – but which is the right one for your clothes? You walk down the aisle in the supermarket and you’ve got Ariel here, Persil there, non-biological coming at you, tabs, powder, you name it. While many might use a ‘spray and pray’ technique when choosing detergent, it is possible to make a more informed choice. And that’s where we come in.

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Use A Chainsaw Safely

Chainsaw Safety Tips

When I say to people ‘we sell spare parts for home and garden appliances’, I usually get replies enquiring about fridges, lawn mowers and washing machines. What doesn’t spring to mind immediately is chainsaws. Now I know it’s not like there’s one in every household in the land, but certainly a fair amount of people do own them; particularly people living in rural areas with bigger gardens.

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Bottled Water VS Filtered Water

Brita Filters

We recently came across a video which shows what a cup of tea looks like when made from water of varying states of filtration. My personal view is that this may need investigating by an independent source.

However it did get me wondering what a cup of tea would look like when brewed with bottled water. I did think of conducting the experiment myself, a pound on a bottle of water is alright, but buying a brand new kettle just to make two cups of tea is a bit excessive, so I shall have to stick to guesswork.

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The Digital Switchover Is Here

The Digital Switchover…

The digital switchover is well under way. Have you switched over yet? If you’re not sure, Digital UK have a location checker on their website, which tell you if you’ve switched over, or if you haven’t, the year in which it’s scheduled. The switchover has been rolling out to various parts of the country since 2007; we’re currently about 60% through the process – it finishes in 2012.Read more

Puting Detergent In Dishwasher

Detergent Dispensers – All You Need to Know

Detergent dispensers are a vital part of a dishwasher, without it you’re just pumping regular old water round the washer, and that ain’t no good if you want crockery and cutlery that’s meal worthy once the cycle’s finished. Like the cutlery basket, it’s a part of the dishwasher that’s getting used constantly. Constant use can lead to wear and tear, and sometimes wear and tear will lead to damage.

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Taking Clothes Out Of Tumble Dryer

How to Change a Tumble Dryer Belt

There are some Fix Its that even the most hardy FIYers might shy away from; changing motors on a vacuum or the heater on a dishwasher for example… the type of fix that really requires a fair amount of time and a bit of persistence. Tricky fixes can make you want to put them off indefinitely and maybe even buy a new appliance. Not so fast!

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