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Hand on Ear Trying To Listen

What’s That Noise? – Part 1: The Humming Refrigerator

The refrigerator is an appliance that as homeowners we all trust. It’s one of the only appliances that when we go away on our summer holiday we leave plugged in at the wall, whilst the TV, lamps, etc are turned off – why is this? Perhaps one of the reasons that fridges are seen as a trusted appliance is because despite being in constant use, they rarely gain a fault.

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Toddler With Dishwasher

Child Proof Your Home

For those of you with little ones, helping to keep your home child-safe is of utmost priority. Especially in the kitchen, you’ll want to make sure anything that could cause harm is out of the reach or way. Albeit, some of these things might seem like common sense, it is important to make sure you’ve taken every precaution in order to protect the young’ns. A few tips below will help keep your kitchen safe.

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