Taking Christmas Dinner Out Of Oven

8 Appliance Top Tips for the Perfect Christmas Dinner

Cooking Christmas dinner is no mean feat. The frenzy of activity that starts with the chopping and doesn’t end until the carving requires culinary prowess of superhuman proportions.

But you can do it. We believe in you. And just in case you’re worried, we’ve got some top appliance tips here to save you time and stress.

Open Fan Oven With Light On

1. Got Enough Shelves In Your Oven?

Don’t underestimate the amount of food you’ve got to fit in your oven. As well as your turkey centrepiece there’ll be stuffing, roast potatoes, veggies and the all-important pigs in blankets.

It’s well worth checking in advance that you: A. Have enough roasting trays and B. Have enough shelves to fit everything in. If not, there’s still time to get both trays and additional oven shelves in time for Christmas.


Woman Taking Bowl Out Of Microwave

2. Want a quick fix?

Don’t forget your microwave! If you’re having a Christmas disaster and you’ve messed up timings by forgetting to cook something, your microwave can save you!

Quick fixes are the microwave’s speciality. It can soften your potatoes and vegetables so they boil faster, defrost a dish you forgot to take out of the freezer and even melt butter or chocolate. (Seriously, melting chocolate in the microwave is so much easier than using a bain-marie.)


Universal Fridge Wine Rack

3. Room for a little one?

Christmas is a boozy affair for many! If you’re planning on getting bubbly or Pinot Grigio for the Christmas meal, fridge storage can be tricky. You don’t want the bottles rolling over and crushing your Christmas pavlova!

Easy solution – invest in a fridge bottle rack! Then you can keep your bottles secure and maximise fridge space in the bargain. (Fridge space at Christmas = very important.)


Slow Cooker With Beef Stew

4. Fancy an early prep?

Christmas Eve is a flurry of preparations. With all the Christmas fare being prepped it’s hard to find time to cook a hot meal in the evening. Your slow cooker to the rescue!

We’re not suggesting slow cooking your turkey, but if you prepare dinner at breakfast time on Christmas Eve you can have a nice home-cooked meal in the evening and get the washing up done in advance, leaving lovely clear work surfaces. Plus, you can use handy slow cooker liners to seal in the flavour and save some washing up. Win, win!


Christmas Pudding On Plate

5. No time for dessert?

The easiest way to enjoy Christmas pudding? Buy one! There is an abundance of them in the shops. But if you’re old school and prefer a homemade pud we love this recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Nan for its simplicity.

You just pop all the ingredients together in one bowl and mix them up. You can even use an electric mixer if you want to save your arms from aching!


Yorkshire Puddings Filled With Gravy

6. Want fewer jobs for Christmas Day?

For the organised amongst you, quite a few elements of your Christmas dinner can be made in advance and frozen. Your family won’t be able to taste the difference!

Gravy freezes well and you can add fresh meat juices to it from your bird before serving. Stuffing and Yorkshire puds can also be prepared in advance; they’ll just need defrosting and heating. Fewer jobs on Christmas Day? Sounds like a plan to us!


Two Cappuccinos On Table

7. Coffee anyone?

There’s no better time than Christmas to push the boat out! Trade your usual instant coffee for a latte or a cappuccino.

How? You can either get yourself a coffee machine or if you want to keep things economical, a milk frother. Both are ideal for impressing your guests when the time comes for after-dinner coffee. Even better, you can enjoy the benefits yourself all year round. Don’t forget the after-dinner mints!


Cooking Christmas dinner doesn’t have to cause quarrels or chaos. Get prepared and let your appliances help take the hard work off your hands!

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