Toddler With Dishwasher

Child Proof Your Home

For those of you with little ones, helping to keep your home child-safe is of utmost priority. Especially in the kitchen, you’ll want to make sure anything that could cause harm is out of the reach or away. Although some of these things might seem like common sense, it is important to make sure you’ve taken every precaution in order to protect the young’ns.

A few tips below will help keep your kitchen safe.


  • Always keep the dishwasher closed and locked when not loading or unloading to prevent your kids from opening it and potentially getting hold of sharp utensils inside.
  • Teach children about keeping away from the dishwasher when you open it to avoid any burns from hot steam. Also, make sure they are well aware of waiting until dishes have cooled before putting them away.

Cooker and Hob

  • Always keep pots and panhandles turned inward to avoid children from reaching up to grab them.
  • Place a small rug on the floor in front of the cooker that acts to show how far away from the cooker the children should stay.
  • Set aside a cupboard that’s away from the hob and oven and contains ‘child-safe’ items for them to explore. Items such as wooden spoons, foil plates, Tupperware or empty yogurt containers are ideal.


  • Keep items that might be harmful to children on higher shelves.
  • Put fruit or other healthy snacks on lower shelves where they’ll be inclined to grab from.
  • Be sure not to over-stock lower shelves in case children try to grab something and it starts an avalanche.

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