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5 Features of Vintage Appliances we Wish we had Today!

You’ve most likely heard people say “they don’t make ‘em like they used to” when referring to older appliances! But maybe they have a point…

There are so many things modern appliances can do which older ones couldn’t. You can control them with your phone, programme them to function at certain times and even talk to them! But, there are some things you just can’t beat about vintage appliances! Here are some of the things many of us wish our modern appliances had today.

Vintage Kitchen With Turquoise Colour Scheme

Interesting Colour Schemes

A time where stainless steel appliances were nowhere to be seen! Pastel blues, pinks and yellows may not be for everyone, but they were certainly more interesting. Although there are some brands which are now embracing colour, there’s something about these vintage makes which ooze style!

Vintage Television Set In Living Room


Whether or not vintage appliances lasted longer than modern brands is a long-running debate, but one things for sure, they certainly looked like they could take a few knocks! Although the latest designs such as super slim televisions and smart devices are extremely popular, they just don’t seem as sturdy!

Vintage Cooker With Pull Out Shelf

Innovative Design

It’s great to have slim lined appliances and those that can slot in with your kitchen design but these old school cookers and fridges we’re the ultimate storage solution! They had split compartments and some even had an inbuilt counter with overhead lighting, so you can do all your cooking in the one area and save space around the kitchen!

Vintage Oven With Separate Grill

Separate Compartments

One thing most people miss from older appliances is the separate oven and grill compartments meaning you can grill your sausages and cook your chips at the same time (if that’s your thing!) Most modern appliances have placed the two together which makes for better design but not ease of use!

Vintage Advert For Refrigerators

The Artistry

There seemed to be a certain flair in the way brands would present their logos and adverts. Swirled, script like writing was the norm instead of capitals in bold colours which do stand out, but don’t seem to have the same effect!

Although we love these ‘oh so retro’ designs, there are many things we are grateful for in modern appliances. They are much more energy efficient, less costly to run and a great deal easier to fit through the door! But, there is something to take from the design and durability of older models which could make our new, gadget-filled appliances even better!

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