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How to Clean Your Kitchen Appliances Ready for Christmas

Some people prepare their Christmas dinner according to a precise spreadsheet of timings. Others chaotically hurl everything into the oven and hope for the best. (You know which one you are.) One thing’s for sure, the stresses of cooking Christmas dinner mean you need your kitchen appliances to be in tip top shape to support you.

A clean appliance is a happy appliance. Here’s how to get your kitchen appliances sparkling and ready to cook that all important Christmas meal.

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Revitalise an Underperforming Dishwasher

With lots of family to feed during the holidays, the dirty crockery, cutlery and glasses will stack up fast. You need your dishes to come out of your dishwasher spotless every time; underperformance is not an option!

So make sure your appliance is Christmas ready.

Josh explains how to:

  • Use dishwasher salt, detergent and rinse aid
  • Clean your dishwasher filter
  • Stack your dishwasher efficiently
  • Get rid of bad smells

If you don’t have a dishwasher, good luck. We salute you.

White Fridge Freezer Graphic

Avoid a Smelly Fridge

From pongy ripe brie and cranberry sauce to smoked salmon and mince meat, your fridge will have lots of new different smells in it around the Christmas period.

If the bouquet is slightly less pleasant than desired, we’ve got not one, not two, but six ways to get rid of bad odours.

Bear in mind that if you’ve turned up the heating to keep guests toasty you may need to turn down the thermostat in your fridge to compensate. You don’t want your precious turkey going bad! That really would be a Christmas disaster.

Silver Cooker Hood Graphic

Prevent a Steamy Christmas Kitchen

If your kitchen gets quite steamy or smoky when you cook and your cooker gets excessively greasy your cooker hood isn’t doing its job properly. (If you don’t often turn your cooker hood on then there’s your solution.)

An ineffective cooker hood is crying out for some TLC; clean grease clogged filters to see an instant improvement. Here’s how:

Please note some cooker hoods don’t have metal mesh filters but disposable ones instead. In this case you’ll need to replace your old greasy filter with a lovely clean new one.

Stainless Steel Cooker Graphic

Clean Dirty Oven Doors              

Ovens don’t have glass doors for decoration. You need to be able to see inside to tell when your food is perfectly cooked. So if your oven door glass is obscured with burnt on grease it’s time to do something about it.

Scrubbing the inside and outside of the door may not be enough if grease, dirt and food residue have made their way in between the door panels, but you can get inside your oven door to clean it by removing it.

A nice clean oven door lets you see when your roast potatoes are golden and your pigs in blankets are crispy.

With sparkling clean kitchen appliances you can go forth and create a Christmas dinner that will go down in history as the perfect roast and become legendary for generations to come. Or failing that, at least you know your appliances aren’t going to let you down this Christmas.

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