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New Years Resolution

17 New Year Resolutions to Save Money in the Home

We all do it, on January 1st as the haze begins to clear and the cleaning up from the night before commences, New Year resolutions are made – whether it’s swearing to get fit by joining a gym, kicking a vice or taking up a hobby.

But, to flip things on their head we’ve decided to share our top 17 New Year resolutions for the home we think you should make – especially as they can help you save money.

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wooden Window With Lamp

Small Fixes for Big Savings – Wooden Window Frames

As you pull up onto your driveway after a hard day at work, are you happy with the sight which greets you? Does the outside of your house do you justice? Now, at eSpares, we know that during the spring and summer months, many of you will have spent time mowing the lawn, weeding flowerbeds and trimming hedges to ensure that your garden (and invariably your home) looks neat and tidy, but what about the outside of the house itself?

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Cleaning Made Easy With A Steam Cleaner

Cleaning Made Easy With A Steam Cleaner

American interior design, Mario Buatta once said that “dust is a protective coating for fine furniture”, and whilst this may be true, there’s only so much dust and dirt that can be taken within a home until someone cracks and brings out the cleaning products.

However, very few of us, if any of us actually enjoy running the vacuum and duster around the home, let alone providing a deep clean of the home, which can take hours to complete and still leave areas of your home looking as though they have been untouched.

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Drawn Light bulbs

5 Great Ideas to Celebrate Swap Ideas Day

Today, September 10th may not mean a lot to you, unless it’s a) your birthday – in which case happy birthday or b) you’re a huge Duran Duran fan and you’re excited about the nationwide release of their concert film which comes out today.

For us at eSpares neither of the above are applicable, but today is still important to us, because today is officially “swap ideas day”, and to join in with the festivities of such a day, we’ve compiled five ideas which we think all homeowners should be aware of – we’ve made sure they are cost-effective, and for those of you interested in “upcycling”, products you are likely to already have within your home.

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