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The Ultimate Checklist For Spring Cleaning Your House

The bleak winter nights are drawing to an end and in typical English style, the April showers and lighter evenings are here. This can only mean one thing; spring is on its way.  First thoughts? Is it too early to start drinking cocktails in the garden? Ok, a second thought. When am I going to do the dreaded spring cleaning?

Here at eSpares, we want to make your spring cleaning as easy as possible. You probably have so many questions floating around in your head. Where do I start? What do I need to do? What will I need?

Do not fear, we’ve created an easy spring cleaning checklist for you to use in order to help you successfully complete this arduous task without missing anything.

Room By Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

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We’ve split the list into areas of the house; entrance, bedrooms, kitchen, living areas, bathrooms and miscellaneous. Go from top to bottom, inside to out to make sure you don’t mess up any areas you have already cleaned. You don’t want to create twice the amount of work for yourself!

Alongside the list, we have a couple of tips and hints to help you out along the way because we are just so kind.

  • Full Steam Ahead!

Steam cleaners will be your best friend! You can literally clean everything with one of these. They kill off any bacteria, mites or germs lingering around your surfaces and they are super easy to operate. Use them on upholstery, floors, kitchen surfaces, and even your mattress. The possibilities are endless. Read up on different uses for your steam cleaner here.

  • Wash away your problems

Don’t just use your dishwasher for your pots and pans. You can also use it to help you with your spring clean by putting toys, dustpans, and even glass light fixtures in to clean them thoroughly and quickly. Just choose a gentle cycle. You can also eliminate smells and dirt from your dishwasher by placing lemons in it before you turn it on. This trick helps to dissolve soap scum and disinfect too. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, you’ll be dancing around your kitchen like these two in no time!

Funny Couple Dancing In Kitchen

  • Banish bad smells from the microwave

Are there lingering smells in your microwave? Simply place a bowl of water with some chopped up lemons and a couple of splashes of vinegar. Place it on high for several minutes until it boils, then leave it to sit there for 15 minutes. Alternatively, there are some nifty gadgets you can use to complete this job, our favourite, mainly for the design, is ‘Cute Angry Mama’.

  • Shower away the grime

Make a bag filled with vinegar and a couple of drops of lemon oil and tie it over your shower head. Leave it to soak overnight then remove it in the morning and wipe it down to reveal a grime-free, shiny shower head. Just in time for you to channel a bit of Beyoncé in the shower before work.

Woman Singing In Shower

  • Clean those nightmare blinds

Blinds are such a pain to clean, let’s face it, it’s not one of the most desired jobs. Mix together a solution equal parts vinegar and water, grab an old sock and wipe the dirt away. It couldn’t be any easier.

By this point, we hope you have all the information, hacks and motivation to start spring cleaning. We won’t lie to you, we’ve not heard anyone ever say they love doing it, but the feeling of satisfaction afterward will be worth it. And after you have completed it, you can go back to your original thought about drinking cocktails in the garden. Of course, don’t forget this is England so you might have to compromise and drink them inside as it’s probably raining.

Mission Complete Red Stamp

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