Orange Hand held Steam Cleaner

7 Clever and Unexpected Uses for Your Steam Cleaner

Are you getting the most from your steam cleaner? We’re guessing probably not! Most steam cleaners are underused as people don’t realise just how many tasks around the home are easier with steam. Steam cleaners kill 99.9% bacteria so they’re ideal for sanitising without the use of any chemical cleaning product.

Don’t feel daunted by time-consuming chores anymore. Just grab your new favourite cleaning appliance and let off some steam!

Red Square Bathroom Tiles

Sanitising Tile Grout

Grubby grout around the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen can be a pain to clean, especially if it’s orange with bacteria or black with mould. A hard bristled brush and lots of scrubbing is one way to tackle dirty grout, but steam permeates into it, cleaning and sanitising it with much less elbow grease!


Scraping Wallpaper Off Wall

Stripping Wallpaper

If you’ve just bought a new place or you’ve decided your decor needs an update you might find yourself faced with wallpaper that needs removing. Steaming the wallpaper off the walls is the easiest way to remove it. If you own a steam cleaner it saves you having to hire or buy a bespoke wallpaper stripper.


Steam Cleaning Bathroom Drain

Clearing Drains

Usually, a good dose of drain cleaner will keep water flowing effortlessly away down your shower and sink plug holes. But particularly stubborn blockages may need a little more effort to shift them. Blast away build-ups of soapy scum in the bathroom or grease in the kitchen with the help of your steam cleaner.


Chicken On BBQ Grill

Degreasing Grills

Removing burnt-on grease from your cooker shelves or BBQ grill is incredibly labour intensive. If you’ve ever tried scrubbing your shelves or grill clean by hand you’ll know just how true this is! In future try loosening the grease first with your steam cleaner to save yourself from aching arms.

Polishing Clean Cooker Hob

Cleaning Hobs

So your cooker shelves may be sparkling, but don’t put your steam cleaner away just yet! Food burnt onto your hob can also be loosened with steam. A scraper is a great hob cleaning accessory and works well with either steam or cleaning sprays. Just take care not to scratch the surface of your hob whilst you’re cleaning it.

Shower Glass With Watermarks

Cleaning Glass

Ah, glass. It seems to go so quickly from shiny to smeared. Luckily, dusty, greasy cooker hoods or shower doors marred with water marks and soap scum are no problem for a steam cleaner! If you have a window vac you can achieve an effortlessly perfect finish too, otherwise there’ll still be a bit of polishing involved.

Frosted Over Freezer Drawers

Defrosting Freezers

A frosted up freezer is less efficient costing you more on your energy bills, so defrost yours regularly. Ideally, you want to get the job done before your frozen food has the chance to thaw, so a steam cleaner is really handy for speeding up the process. Just remember to put down an old towel to avoid flooding your kitchen floor!


Before you go full steam ahead into cleaning mode, it’s worth bearing in mind that there are some surfaces around your home not as well suited to steam. Check out the steam cleaning mistakes that most people make first and avoid the common steam cleaner pitfalls.


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