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How to Avoid the 8 Most Common Steam Cleaning Mistakes

So you think you know how to use your steam cleaner? It’s pretty easy, right? Just plug in, switch on, fill with water and get to cleaning. You don’t even need to do any scrubbing for sparkling clean results! But it may surprise you to learn that there are still quite a few mistakes people make when steam cleaning their homes.

Whether you’ve just bought a steam cleaner or have been steam cleaning for years, you could be committing faux pas without even knowing it. Here are the 8 mistakes to avoid in the future!

Misty Damp Weather Outdoors

Steam Cleaning On Humid & Cold Days

The beauty of a steam cleaner is that surfaces cleaned with steam will dry more quickly, but cold damp weather is still not the best for drying out your carpets or sofas. It’s better to break out the steam cleaner on a hot sunny day.

Black Fan Oven Interior

Forgetting Water and Electrics Don’t Mix!

Take care if you’re using steam to clean your appliances. Steam cleaning your oven door is a great way to get rid of burnt-on grease, but get too much steam inside your oven and you could find yourself in need of a new heating element.

Woman Vacuum Cleaning Wooden Floor

Not Vacuuming Beforehand

Vacuuming fabrics loosen ground-in dirt, making it easier to remove and vacuuming flat surfaces keeps your steam mop head cleaner for longer. eSpares tip: Vacuum your skirting boards too to stop dust brushing off onto your floors!


Steam Cleaning Leather Sofa
Steaming Ahead Without Testing

Don’t forget, steam is hot. If you try to steam clean your synthetic leather sofa or brightly coloured curtains you could to your horror find that steam makes them melt or the colours run. The first time you steam clean a new area around in your home it’s always a good idea to test the effects of steam first in a small inconspicuous area.


Man Steam Cleaning FLoor

Not Moving the Furniture

Yes, it’s a bit of a pain to move chairs, lamps and side tables out of the way before steam cleaning your floors, but it saves stopping and starting the job to maneuver around them. Take the time to prepare your room for seamless steam cleaning.

Coffee Spill On Carpet

Only Cleaning the Area Around a Spill

Unfortunately, there’s no steam cleaning quick fix; cleaning just one patch of your carpet or sofa will leave the areas that haven’t been cleaned looking grubby. Just use spillages as a great excuse to knuckle down for a deep steam clean.

Cleaning Solution Spray Bottle

Leaving Cleaning Product Residue

Good steam cleaners kill 99.99% of bacteria (and that’s close enough to 100% for lots of people). If you’re the type who likes to use a cleaning solution too, make sure it’s all removed by the time you’ve finished cleaning or the residue could attract more dirt.


Using on the Wrong Surfaces

Selection Of Silk Scarves
Steam at your peril on the following, as they’re not suitable for steam cleaning:

  • Delicate fabrics like silk
  • Waxed wood
  • Surfaces painted with water-based paint
  • Unsealed porous surfaces like limestone or marble

Now you know the pitfalls to avoid you can steam clean easily with no hassle! Our final tip is to make sure you’ve got the right steam cleaning accessories based on the jobs you use your appliance for the most. Trust us, having the right attachments really does make a world of difference!

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