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Electrolux Sea Vacuum Collection

Some Really Cool Vacuums

You’ve got to hand it to Electrolux. They launched their ‘Vac from the Sea’ campaign last year, aiming to highlight ‘the immediate need for the world to take better care of plastics and support the heroes that do’. A noble cause, I’m sure you’ll agree. To highlight the problem, they’ve harvested plastic debris from ocean sites around the world where ‘the plastic problem is immense’, and created unique, fully working vacuums based on the Electrolux Ultra One Green model.

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Red Vacuum Cleaner

How To Replace a Wheel on a Henry or Hetty Vacuum – New Video

Henry and Hetty vacuum cleaners are part of the Numatic appliance range. We have one in our office and I got to use it when Mike accidentally broke a glass by his desk. True story. What impressed me about our Henry is that despite appearing to be a rather simplistic looking vacuum cleaner it’s got great cleaning power and is very sturdy. They are clearly made to last the long haul.

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Vacuum Tools And Hose

How To Make Sure It Fits – New Videos

We hold our hands up and say that carrying cleaning tools that are considered ‘generic’ or ‘universal’ has been a real struggle for us. We carry them for our customers who own vacuums where the genuine tools just aren’t made any more. On our landing pages we do our best to explain within the product description what you need to do to ensure that the tools will fit. Regardless we still encounter a higher than desirable return rate on these items with the reason being that the tool didn’t fit the cleaner.

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