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How To Solve Your Dog Hair Problems

Dog Problems

Yesterday we had pressure washers on elephants. Today, we have Dysons on dogs.

Let me explain. Any dog owner will tell you what a neverending battle it is to keep carpets, clothes and basically every single nook in the whole house free of discarded dog hair. For this reason, vacuum cleaners in houses occupied by canines really are important bits of kit.

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Wacky Vacuum Infomercial

Tomorrow we’re shooting some videos on an old Sebo X1 vacuum. Before we get to shooting the videos, obviously we need to do a bit of research in to the appliance. Apart from taking the appliance apart, we do a lot of online research. Whilst researching today I found a quite surreal American informercial shot in the 1980s(?) for the Windsor Sensor vacuum. That’s what the Americans call the Sebo X1 y’see. Check this little beauty out…

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