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4 Essentials to Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner Running Smoothly

To give you a helping hand at keeping your vacuum running smoothly, and to ensure you’re able to provide your home with a deep clean, we’ve compiled a list of four vacuum cleaner essentials you need to have.

Vacuum Bags:

Unpleasant odours when you vacuum is a clear indicator the bags are too full. How often you should empty your vacuum bag will vary on how often you use it. But we recommend emptying yours before it becomes two thirds full and changing it monthly.

Failing to change the bag on a regular basis doesn’t just bring about unpleasant smells, but it also increases the risk of faults occurring, such as the motor overheating due to air not being able to circulate.


The filters play a vital role in keeping your vacuum cleaner running at its peak performance; as long as they are kept in top condition.

Keeping your vacuum filters in working order is easy to do. The key is to clean them regularly. Where appropriate, it’s also advisable to wash them under cold running water, although check the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure your filters are suitable for washing.

For more advice on maintaining your vacuum’s filters, visit our “How to Change the Filters on a Vacuum” video.

Air Fresheners:

Whilst emptying the appliance will help prevent unpleasant odours, you can further limit unwanted smells by adding a vacuum cleaner air freshener in one of two ways.

1) Empty the contents into the vacuum bag / cylinder once they’ve been emptied.

2) Sprinkle the air freshener across the floor before cleaning.


Whether you’ve got a cylinder or an upright model, to help ensure a thorough clean of your home it’s important to utilise the vast array of tools which are available. Each tool has its own benefits.

The crevice tool for example will enable you to clean those hard to reach areas, across skirting boards and in-between various nooks and crannies. The stair tool on the other hand will make cleaning your stairs seem like a breeze, whilst it can also be used to remove pet hair from upholstery.

For further information on keeping your vacuum cleaner running smoothly and making the most out of your appliance, read our “The Ultimate Guide to: Vacuum Cleaners” infographic and visit our advice centre.

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