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How to Prevent Your Vacuum Cleaner from Smelling

The vacuum cleaner is a small yet powerful appliance, which we all rely on to clean our homes. Unfortunately, as a result of the dirt the vacuum comes into contact with, it can often emit unpleasant odours.

To help limit the risk of such odours spreading throughout your home whenever you vacuum, we recommend following these 3 simple yet effective steps.

Empty Regularly:

The most common reason for a vacuum cleaner emitting an unpleasant smell is because it’s too full.

How often you empty your vacuum bag will depend on its usage, as well as the debris it regularly comes into contact with. For example if you’ve got pets it’s likely you’ll need to vacuum on a daily basis to ensure you remove pet hair from around the home.

Such heavy use of your vacuum will require it to be emptied more often than a vacuum cleaner which is only used weekly. That said, as a rule of thumb, we recommend emptying your vacuum cleaner when it becomes three quarters full.

Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner:

Cleaning your vacuum on a regular basis, is as important as emptying it when it becomes three quarters full. One of the key areas of your vacuum which needs to be cleaned is the filter.

With your vacuum empty, remove the filter and shake excessive dust into the bin. It’s also advisable to use a soft brush on the filter to remove any dirt which may have become lodged. Once excessive dirt has been removed from the vacuum cleaner filter, give it a quick wash with warm water before allowing it to dry naturally.

As part of the cleaning process, it’s also advisable to check for blockages. Removing blockages from your vacuum will help to eliminate the build up of odours and it’ll also help reduce the risk of damage being caused to the appliance.

Use Vacuum Air Fresheners:

Whilst the following steps above can help remove unpleasant odours, an additional hand can be given by placing a vacuum cleaner air freshener in your vacuum cleaner.

To get the most out of a vacuum air freshener, we recommend sprinkling it into the vacuum bag or container once you have emptied it. Once the air freshener has been added, you can vacuum as normal.

Following these three simple steps will help prevent your vacuum cleaner from emitting unpleasant odours, whilst also helping to prolong the life and performance of the vacuum.

For further tips, advice and guidance on how to keep your vacuum cleaner running, don’t forget to regularly check our blog and advice centre.

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