The Ultimate Guide To: Vacuum Cleaners [Infographic]

Do you know when the vacuum cleaner was invented or who invented it? Do you know how the appliance works or why air watts are important when purchasing a new vacuum cleaner? Find out the answer to all these questions, in this infographic.

vacuum cleaner ultimate guide


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  1. Mike

    on June 22, 2015 at 10:53 am - Reply

    Many thanks for your comment.
    Most commercial properties opt for a numatic vacuum cleaner (Henry), as these are robust, have great cleaning qualities and are rather simple to repair if a fault occurs – and obviously we have a range of spare parts and accessories available.
    To help keep the suction of your vacuum cleaner as it should be, we would recommend cleaning the filter on a regular basis and emptying the bag before it becomes more than two-thirds full.

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