Red Carpet With Vacuum

Don’t Suffer Reduction in Suction

If you’re anything like me, an unvacuumed carpet doesn’t make you feel good. Seriously. If my living room floor has bits all over it, I simply would not be able to sit down in there. I just think it’s gross. As you’d expect then, my vacuum cleaner is a highly valued appliance at my place.

Accordingly, I take good care of it; emptying the dust bin after each vacuum (which may be slightly over the top…) and washing the pre-motor filter every six months or so. I do this because the last thing I want happening is for my trusty steed to lose suction. Such a turn of events would leave me contemplating crumbs and hairs on the carpet. And I wouldn’t like that.

Basically, if you’re like me, or even if you aren’t, you really should check this video out. Helen goes through all the causes of a loss of suction in your vacuum, as well as detailing what you can do to prevent it too. She’s got a good handful of vacuums with her in the video, so with any luck we’ll have got your brand covered. Cracking.

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