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Popular Fix-Its This Month

January is traditionally a month in which people knuckle down and try to stick to their resolutions. Gym membership applications go through the roof, schedules are cleared for family time… if you think about it, it’s actually a positive and uplifting time of year.

I’m now desperately trying not to sound like a ‘self help guru’ at a meagrely attended seminar, but we’ve found people feel more inspired to take on fix-it tasks around the home this month. If you still need inspiration, check out how easy some of the most common fix-its are…

How To Replace The Hose on a Dyson DC07

File this under mega easy. The hose is a commonly damaged part on a Dyson; if you accidentally step on it there’s a good chance it’ll crack or split. Good thing then, that it’s so easy to replace.


Fitting a Universal Extendable Oven Shelf

These bad boys extend to the width of your oven, and are a handy and inexpensive replacement if any of your existing shelves give up the ghost. They extend from 350mm to 560mm, so will fit the vast majority of domestic ovens. A doddle to fit too.

How To Replace the Filter in a Dishwasher

This is where you’d think things get a little more difficult, but that’s simply not the case. dishwasher filters can become clogged and damaged, especially if you don’t rinse things before you put them in the racks. Anyhow, if there’s water leftover in the washer after a cycle, the problem could be easier to fix than you think. Check out the video:

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