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A Vacuum Losing Suction

A vacuum losing suction is an infuriating thing to happen when you’re in the middle of cleaning the living room. So why does it happen?

All vacuum cleaners have a motor equipped with a fan that sucks in air and dust; while the dust stays in the vacuum, the air is filtered out. On bagged vacuums, that dust accumulates in the bag; and the more dust there is in the bag, the less space the air has to circulate. As the bag gets fuller and fuller the vacuum gradually loses suction. This is remedied by stocking up on vacuum bags, and replacing whenever they become full.

Bagless vacuum cleaners though, employ an altogether more efficient technique. Cyclone technology, pioneered by one James Dyson, uses the air coming in to the vacuum to keep the dust moving, allowing air to circulate freely in the vacuum. This means that no matter how full the bin becomes, no suction is lost. Of course Dyson vacuums aren’t immune to loss of suction; like their bagged cousins though, this is a problem easily solved. In this video, Helen takes you through how to diagnose loss of suction on a Dyson DC25 as well as showing what Dyson spares are needed to fix the problem.

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