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Broken Washing Machine On Ground Outside

How To Deal With Your Broken Stuff Guilt Free

Have you ever thrown something away and felt guilty? If so you can do one of two things. You can squash that guilt down and try to ignore it, only to have it crop up again every time you hear a news story about global warming or ocean pollution. Or you can embrace that guilt and use it to positively change what you do with your broken items.

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Man Repairing His Washing Machine Himself

5 Genuine Benefits of Fixing Your Appliance Yourself

Why is fixing your appliance yourself such a good call? You’ll often hear us proclaim that a DIY fix is so much better than hiring a tradesperson or buying a new machine. But can we back up our declarations? Yes siree! We have here not one but five reasons why it’s better to fix your appliance yourself and you don’t just have to take our word for it, our customers have a say in the matter too.

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