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Why repairing is now more important than ever before!

Listen up all your fearless fixers out there! International Repair Day is back for another year of repairing, restoring and rejoicing for all things fixable!

For the third year in a row, International Repair Day will be highlighting the importance of repairing instead of replacing. It celebrates the efforts of repair communities, individuals and businesses, making repair possible when we need it the most. It was set up by our friends at the Restart Project, in conjunction with the launch of the Open Repair Alliance.

The theme for 2020 is ‘repair is essential’. Although this statement always rings true, there is something about this year that makes it feel even more important than ever before.

During the current crisis, we’ve all relied on our appliances and electricals to keep hot dinners on the table, keep our essential clothing clean and stay in touch with our loved ones. A fault or broken appliance may seem like even more of a nightmare right now, especially to those who are self-isolating or cannot have family or friends round to help.

So, raising awareness that fixing is an option and sharing our skills and tools on how to do it is extremely important, now more than ever. Here is how we can all get involved in International Repair Day and help to fix it together!

10 ways we can get involved in International Repair Day

Put your mind to something

Man Repairing His Washing Machine Himself

Another reason repairing is super important right now is that it can focus your mind. We all need a bit of a distraction at the moment and, as we’re spending a lot of time at home, we start to notice things we never did before. Picking up fixing as a new hobby will give you some focus, help you stay occupied and get your home looking great too!

Tackle a repair on your to-do list

Person Repairing Dripping Tap

We bet you’ve noticed those niggly faults, like the dripping tap you’ve been ignoring or the darkness in your fridge, a lot more over the last few months! Start with the small ones and work your way up. You’ll build confidence and be ready to tackle anything! Here are 6 quick fixes around the home to get you started.

Learn something new

Computer Keyboard With DIY Tips Key

So now you’ve plucked up the courage, here’s how to get started on the big stuff. If you’re still new to repairing, no problem! It may seem daunting at first but there is plenty of help out there to get you started. Here are just a few of the resources available to help you repair not replace:

Household appliances – eSpares has over 500 how-to videos on our Advice Centre as well as all the tools and accessories to help you diagnose and fix your appliances with ease.

Electrical gadgets – The Restart Project is a fantastic movement that holds regular Repair Parties that help people fix everything from toasters to laptops!

Clothing – Love Your Clothes is a great website with videos and tips on how to fix zips, mend hems and take care of your clothing.

Car – and have some great videos and expert guidance on all the car fixes you can actually do yourself.

Join a community

Woman On Laptop Doing Repairs

Whether you’re a fix-it fanatic or a first-time fixer, joining a community online will help you to virtually mix with like-minded individuals. Share problems and skills and get help and advice from other savvy fixers. The eSpares socials are a great place to start!

Introduce repair to the next generation

Man Repairing With Son

We’re all pretty much pros at homeschooling by now! So, why not put our skills to the test and teach our kids some life skills too. Teaching kids about repairing is great for their development as they can gain skills such as problem-solving or decision making and learn the value of items. Check out our tips to get you started.

Share your skills

Woman Teaching Friend To Repair Clothing

If you’re an avid fixer or you’ve picked up a few skills lately, share your tips and tricks online or with friends. There are plenty of people out there who will need a helping hand, especially right now, so let’s all do what we can to help.

Learn about recycling

Person Holding World In Hands

And we don’t just mean your cardboard! E-waste is a huge problem right now and is having a massive impact on our environment. So, if your appliances or electricals really are beyond repair, learn about how you can recycle them responsibly without harming our environment. Here are some great tips on how to tackle e-waste.

Clear out your ‘everything’ drawer (you know the one)

Open Drawer Full Of Things

Speaking of e-waste, we bet there’s a whole load of old phones, cables, chargers and more hanging around in ‘that’ drawer! Make the most of your spare time by having a long-awaited clear-out and either send them to be fixed so they can go to a good home or recycle them.

Support the Right to Repair movement

Scrapped Appliances In Landfill

The Right to Repair movement is a campaign to encourage manufacturers to make the products we own repairable. Campaigners believe products should be made to last longer and if broken, have the spare parts and information available to fix them. Read up on the successes of the movement and join the fight for repairable items.

Shout about it!

Man In Cape With DIY Tools

Last but certainly not least, share your success! Any fix, no matter how big or small, is a great achievement so it’s time to reap in some glory. Share your stories on your social media, repair community pages and tell your friends and family. As well as some hero worship, you might encourage others to join you too.

Right now, we all have enough on our plates without worrying about our broken items too. So, let’s all join the fight to repair not replace and learn, share, fix and boost confidence to help ourselves, others and our world.

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