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How buying less and repairing more makes for an easier life

Of all the skills worth having in life, being able to fix what’s broken is undoubtedly at the top of the list. Being more repair-friendly and less consumer-driven comes with countless benefits, many of which will directly improve your way of life!

Here, we’re going to look at just a few ways that buying less and repairing more makes for an easier life. So, if you’ve been considering upping your repair skills, read on! This might just give you the push you need…

It helps you save

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The most obvious benefit to repairing more and buying less is that it can help you save a small fortune. For example, if your fridge freezer is no longer staying as cool as it should, it could cost you hundreds of pounds to buy a new one. But, if you take the time to diagnose the problem, you might discover it’s something as simple as the door seal needing replacing. Considering how a door seal can cost as little as £15, and the replacement is usually quick and easy, you can see how much money can be saved when you choose to repair over replace. Of course, this applies to all household appliances, and you could ultimately save thousands throughout your lifetime by fixing them instead of chucking them and buying new.

No more excessive buying

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Buying less and repairing more might save you plenty of dosh on your appliances… but it will also help you break away from excessive buying as a habit altogether. Currently, we live in a highly consumer-driven age, and this can lead to countless people constantly feeling the need to always buy the “latest” goods – whether that’s appliances or anything else. But by learning to repair instead of replace, you can find the value in old things and kick the habit of unnecessary excessive spending. A more minimalist lifestyle isn’t just good for your wallet but also for your mindset, as it will help you stop focusing on the things you don’t have and just be happy with the things you do.

It keeps you prepared

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Another way repairing more and buying less can make your life easier is that it keeps you prepared. Not only does being more repair-friendly mean you can save money and preserve your home goods in the present, but it also means you will be more ready to fix any potential appliance faults or damage that may yet occur. Once you’ve learned repairing skills, they’ll stick with you (as long as you keep using them!), and those skills are sure to come in handy in the future. Next time you think your oven or dishwasher might be on the blink, you’ll be ready to get stuck in and solve the issue for yourself instead of worrying about calling the repairman!

Less stress

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Finally, fixing more and buying less will make for a less stressful life all around. This goes beyond saving money and being able to fix; it goes for your general outlook on life altogether. After all, no matter how repair-savvy you become, there will always have been a time when the thought of fixing things was unfamiliar and stressful to you. But if you could overcome your reservations and learn how to fix appliances that were once alien to you, think what else you could achieve! The boost in confidence that comes with being more capable of fixing will extend to other speedbumps and obstacles throughout your life, thus reducing your stress when it comes to tackling new issues head-on.

Hopefully, this blog post has inspired you to embrace a more repair-friendly life and reap the benefits that come with it! While you’re here, why not help shape the next generation to do the same? Our blog post on teaching kids DIY skills will help you do just that!

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