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10 Reasons Why You Should Never Bin Your Used Dryer Sheets!

Dryer sheets work wonders keeping your laundry soft, static-free and smelling fresh! But what if we told you there’s a lot more to these handy little sheets…

Next time you take your laundry out of the dryer and go to throw your dryer sheets in the bin, stop right there, for they are not quite finished their job yet! Here are 10 ways that your dryer sheets can come to your rescue every day!

Ditch Deodorant Marks

T-shirt With Deodorant Stains

We’ve all been there when you’re about to go out the door and realise your deodorants left you a little surprise! Don’t worry, you’re dryer sheets are here to save you! Simply use the sheet to rub the marks and you’ll be out the door in no time.

Clean Up Pet Hair

Puppy Lying On White Carpet

You’re torn between letting your beloved pet be cosy or keeping your carpets hair free! Well with dryer sheets you can do both! Swipe the sheet across your carpet, furniture, pillows and even your clothes and pet hair will just wipe away.

Remove Crayon Marks

Gloved Hand Cleaning Crayon Off Wall

Returned home to find your children have expressed their inner artist on your walls? Before you explode because your newly painted walls are ruined, get out your dryer sheets! Gently rub the crayon marks with the sheet and they will soon disappear!

Clean Your Iron

Iron On Creased White Sheet

If your iron has a build-up of gunk and grime, you don’t have to spend ages scrubbing (and before you even think about buying a new one) you can use a dryer sheet. Place it flat on your ironing board and set your iron to its lowest heat setting. Once it has warmed up, iron over the sheet until the residue has cleared and the plate is clean.

Eliminate Soap Scum

Woman Cleaning Shower And Soap Scum

Removing your soap scum is always a chore! Make it easier by dampening a dryer sheet and then scrubbing your shower door, curtain and tiles. The stuck of scum will simply rinse away!

Rid Your Home of  Dust

Hand Using Dryer Sheets To Remove Dust From Wood

Dyer sheets even double up as dusters! Not only do they easily pick up dust, but they even leave behind a residue that prevents build up in the future! Use them to dust cabinets, tables, baseboards, and electronics.

Fight Hair Static

Hand Holding Strand Of Static Hair

If you’ve tried millions of things to tame your static hair then you’re not alone! Try rubbing the sheets directly on your hair and it will calm the static. You can even rub it inside your hats which will prevent your hair from becoming static when you take them off.

Freshen up Your Gym Gear

Sports bag With Gym Equipment Inside

Dryer sheets are great at keeping odours at bay. Place them in your gym bag, smelly trainers or luggage and this will help keep them smelling fresh.

Polish Your Chrome

Close Up On Chrome Taps

Get rid of those horrid streaks on chrome by scrubbing them with your dryer sheets. The stains will wipe away and bring back its spotless shine.

Save a Burnt Pan

Burnt Pan With Scrub Sponge

Scrap your scourer and save time by placing a dryer sheet in the pan with warm water and soaking it overnight. In the morning, the stuck-on gunk will have lifted or be very easy to wipe away.

For more ways your tumble dryer leftovers can help you around the house, check out these 9 ways to reuse your dryer lint!

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