Christmas Decorations With Pliers and Tape

6 Awesome Tricks to Reuse Your Christmas Decorations

The 12th day of Christmas is upon us and it’s time for the dreaded job of clearing the house of all things Christmas (sigh). But instead of putting them away in a box and leaving your home looking bare and empty, why not recycle your leftover decorations and create unique DIY decor!

We’ve found 6 crafty bloggers that have turned their Christmas decs into seriously quirky accessories.

Turn your Wine Bottles into Vases!

Empty Glass Bottles Covered Spelling Out Love
Credit: Beauteeful Living

So there are a fair few empty bottles from the Christmas festivities and you don’t want the bin collectors to get the wrong impression (we’ve all been there!) So, why not turn them into a quirky wine vase or 2!

Creator of Beauteeful Living blog, Theresa suggests putting your very own spin on empty bottles to create personalised and stunning decorations. All you need is a few empty glass bottles, a roll of laminated burlap, a pack of Chalkboard labels, Scotch Expressions Tape and chalk or permanent marker. Check out how it’s done here.

Pine Cones to Candle Holders


Craft blogger Crissy Crafts suggests turning your leftover pine cones into stunning candle holders. Simply spray paint the cones in your colour of choice, remove the top and replace it with the bottom of a soda can to create the perfect candle base. A genius and easy way to reinvent your pine cones and add a delightful touch to your home. See the full how-to here!

Pine Cones Sprayed Red With Candle On Top
Credit: Crissy Crafts

This Year’s Christmas Cards are Next Year’s Gift Tags!

Christmas Cards Cut Out For Tags


Instead of clogging up your recycling with mountains of Christmas cards, why not reuse them for next year’s gift tags! The pretty decoration on cards will make for some seriously unique tags and is one thing to tick off your list next year – bonus! has some top creative tips on how to make them. Take a look here.

Leftover Ribbon Makes a Stunning Memory Board


Instead of getting rid of your unused ribbon, why not be creative and make yourself a memory or mood board. Sippy Cup Mom explains how to create a beautiful board to put all your favourite photos, reminders or work, and add some decoration to your home. Follow the easy steps here.

Fabric Memory Board With Pink Ribbon
Credit:  Sippy Cup Mom

Fairy Lights are Never Just For Christmas

White Framed Headboard Filled With LED Lights
Credit: Shelterness


We’re in love with this light-up headboard from Shelterness! What a better way to reuse your Christmas tree lights than to brighten up your bedroom – or any room for that matter. Simply add fairy lights to any size frame and fix to your wall to create a beautiful atmosphere in the home. Find out more here!

Make your Wreath into a Valentine’s Decoration


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so why not reinvent your Christmas wreath into a stunning Valentine’s decoration. Clever blogger Debbie Doo’s uses simple objects such as cupcake liners and wooden spoons to create a unique design which means you don’t have to say goodbye to your beloved Christmas wreath just yet! Check it out here.

Green Wreath Decorated For Valentines Day
Credit: Debbie Doos

If you have any ideas of what to do with leftover decorations, share them with us in the comments below! Or for more handy items to spruce up your home, check out our 9 Snazzy Accessories to Instantly Improve Your Home

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