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Woman Leaning On Radiator

6 Appliances You Need to Help You Survive Winter

It’s cold. It’s dark. It’s miserable. Yep, it’s definitely winter. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Winter is the season of bonfires, hot chocolate, comfy jumpers and of course Christmas. (It’s November so we’re allowed to mention this particular C-word now, right?) To help you survive, nay, enjoy winter in all its blustery glory you might need a little help from your appliances.

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Selection Of Different Homemade Soups

5 Delicious and Warming Homemade Soup Recipes for Winter

You start your day shivering as you scrape ice off your car.  The day continues as you toil away in your office surrounded by colds and coughs. At last, you leave to find it’s pitch black outside and temperatures are sub-zero. On winter days like these, you need something truly comforting and nothing beats a warming homemade soup.

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Carved PumKins With Spiders And Autumn Leaves

How to Decorate Your Appliances This Halloween

Guests are arriving and your home looks frightful. Luckily you’re throwing a Halloween party so that’s pretty much the point. Lanterns are lit casting ghostly shadows over the walls and you’ve got a big stack of sweets for any trick-or-treaters that come knocking. But wait! If you really want to fill your guests with dread, decorating your appliances is a must.

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