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9 Unusual But Brilliant Ways to Use Your Hairdryer

Your hairdryer is good for more than just styling your flowing locks. (We’ve just gone right ahead and assumed that if you’re reading this you have flowing locks.) Hairdryers are in fact very versatile beauty appliances that can help you with all sorts of jobs around your house.

Here are some handy hairdryer hacks for you that are not just hot air!

Burgundy Air Mattress Inflated

Quickly Inflate an Airbed 

Got guests coming over? You might find yourself inflating an airbed and if you don’t have a pump you’ll soon be out of puff (especially if it’s a double!) Use your hairdryer on the cold setting to do the work instead and the airbed will be plump and fully inflated in a jiffy. Save your breath for socialising!

Cleaning Sofa With Vacuum Attachment

Release Stuck Vacuum Attachments

Hot air makes materials expand. So if you find your vacuum cleaner attachment has been shoved onto the hose too hard and won’t budge you can use your hairdryer to help you remove it. Blast the plastic with hot air, easing the attachment off as you heat it. Just don’t let it get so hot it melts!

Unscrewing Screw On Washing Machine

Loosen Extra Tight Screws

Similar to the vacuum attachment trick, your hairdryer can also help you release tight screws. If your screwdriver is no match for a stubborn screw refusing to budge try giving the screw a blast of hot air and it might just help you get it out. Or if your screw is too loose it’s nail varnish you need.

Coiled Black Cable On White Background

Coil a Pesky Trailing Cable

For a cable that’s too long and unwieldy (like a phone charging cable in your car that always tangles itself around the gear stick) wrap it around a pencil to coil it. Then heat with your hairdryer. Leave in place until cool and the heat of the hairdryer will have remoulded your cable.

Hands Feeling Fridge Door Seal

Make a Fridge Door Seal Airtight

If something gets caught between your fridge door seal and the door frame, the seal will get a groove squashed into it, letting cold air escape. Make the seal malleable with hot air from your hair dryer, stretch it back into shape and let it cool. Hey presto, your fridge is airtight once more!

Hand Wiping Microwave With Cloth

Dry Out Liquid in Electronics

Accidents happen. It’s your hairdryer to the rescue when you’ve spilled a drink over your keyboard or accidentally stopped your microwave touchpad from working by wiping it down with a cloth that was too damp! Gently wafting hot air over your electronics can work wonders to dry them.

Blue Ice Texture Background

Defrost an Iced Up Freezer

Frosted up freezers waste energy and can cause damage to drawers that catch on ice when they’re pulled out. Luckily, you can defrost your freezer in a jiffy if you use your hairdryer to loosen or completely melt the ice around your freezer walls. We recommend putting down towels first!

Lighting BBQ With A Match

Light a BBQ with Hairdryer Air

What can you do if you’ve lit your BBQ, but the fire is taking ages to spread? Fan the flames with your hairdryer! Blowing air on the coals will add extra oxygen and help them to burn. Be wary of using extremely strong settings though, the aim is to feed the flames and not blow them out!

String Trimmer On Grass

Straighten Out Dents in Plastic

If a piece of plastic is dented or bent, like a string trimmer casing that’s been squashed, heat it up with the hairdryer to make it soft. Then you can remould it back into its original shape. Make sure nothing presses against the plastic whilst it’s cooling and you’ll have a smooth surface with no dints.

Now you’ve made your hairdryer even more useful don’t stop there! Here’s how to get the most out of your steam cleaner and some handy uses for your handheld vac too.

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