Yearly Archives: 2012

Autumn Entertaining

With the cooler months en route to us full steam ahead there will be lots of time to spend in the great indoors. A brilliant way to kill time cooped up inside is cooking delicious food and entertaining your mates. Decide what you want to eat, decide what you want drink then ask yourself: ‘Will I enjoy this food and drink as much if I share it with others?’ If the answer is ‘no’ then scrap the entertaining bit and just get stuck in yourself.

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Extreme Appliances

Yesterday daredevil skydiver Felix Baumgartner was meant to attempt the highest skydive in history from 120,000 ft, breaking the sound barrier. As he fell scientists would be monitoring the effects on his body in the hopes to develop life-saving technology that could be used by high-altitude pilots, astronauts and space tourists.

Felix added, ‘Proving that a human can break the speed of sound in the stratosphere and return to Earth would be a step towards creating near-space bailout procedures that don’t currently exist’ Go on then Felix. Unfortunately weather conditions were less than ideal and after waiting in his pod all day, Felix had to bottle it.

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Outdoor Washing Line

Reduce your Drying Time

With winter not far round the corner and the great outdoors becoming darker, wetter and colder we’ll be ever more reliant on our tumble dryers. After your refrigerator a tumble dryer will typically use the most energy in your home, so it’s important to take the necessary steps to reduce drying time as much as possible. Obviously hanging clothes to dry is an effective, environmentally friendly alternative but for times when hanging to dry is simply not an option, or the lesser favoured one you can still follow some steps to use your tumble dryer most efficiently.

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Bench Covered In Snow

Winter Ready Garden

We are indeed starting to say goodbye to summer. To be fair after its poor performance I am more than happy to help it on its way out. I think it needs to take a long hard look at its 2012 season and ask itself ‘did I really give the great British people a summer they could be happy with?’

Whilst we wait, with bated breath for the cooler months to arrive there are some simple things you can be doing to get your home and garden winter ready.

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