All The Best Hubert

The eSpares Work Experience

It’s time for us to say a fond farewell to Hubert, who’s been working with the eSpares marketing team for the last couple of weeks on a work experience placement. We asked him to write a few words about his time here. Take it away Hubert….Read more

How’s Your Lawn Looking?

Over the past few weeks, a lot of the UK has bathed in beautiful, and very warm, sunshine. And while the weather has been perfect for heading down to the beach for the day or playing Frisbee in the park, it’s a decidedly more stressful time for garden owners across the country as they try in vain to keep their lawns from turning in to parched wastelands. The damper weather this week has offered some respite, but summer can still be a testing time for lawn wranglers.

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Fist Through The World

The Power of Reviews

It’s nearly 2 years since we opened up the eSpares website to ratings and reviews. All of our customers can share their opinions about the products they’ve bought. Since then we’ve had tens of thousands of reviews of the parts we sell.

The reviews are moderated before they go live on the site, just to make sure that there’s no swearing or anything offensive. But so long as the review relates to the product and your experience of fitting or using it, it goes up on the site; irrespective of whether it’s positive or negative.

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Washing In Machine And Basket

How to Open a Washing Machine Door That’s Stuck Closed – New Video

So, the washing machine finishes its cycle and you’re just waiting for that satisfying ‘click’ which means you can open the door…only the click seems to be taking that bit longer to happen. A while longer and you realise it’s not going to. A few futile tugs on the door handle, then despair. Your lovely clean clothes you’ve been planning to wear at the weekend are stuck inside the washing machine. It’s now a race against time to get them out, somehow, before they start to get smelly.

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eSpares Fix It Yourself Video Screenshots

Finding the Right Fix It Yourself Video

Recently we’ve been going a bit nuts on getting Fix It Yourself videos shot and uploaded – so much so that we’ve more than doubled our total amount of videos in the last three months. Now it’s 96 and counting. You might think the more videos we have, the harder it’ll be to find the one you’re after; that’s why we’ve made them all as easy as possible to browse and view. Here’s how you can access our whole library.

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