Goodbye To A Fellow Employee

So Long Christina!

Today at eSpares we are celebrating… er mourning the loss of a brilliant employee, Christina. Christina began her wonderful eSpares journey all the way back in 2008 when the brand was only just beginning to gather steam – no thanks to her. She then bounced back to her homeland of Canada to continue her studies at Western Ontario University. Her heart, however, longed to be back on the banks of the Thames and she returned to ol’ Blighty. In February 2012 she re-joined eSpares in the role of Copywriter.

In all seriousness, Christina has been an absolutely brilliant addition to the eSpares team. She has ridiculous attention to detail, is meticulous and pretty darn near flawless in her work. She is totally uptight when it comes to using correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and all that. You couldn’t ask for anything better from someone whose role is based on writing.

Anyway, she’s decided that she’s not ready to be done with the whole school thing yet and is headed to Edinburgh to continue her studies. We are really, really going to miss her but it will make talking about her behind her back all the more convenient.


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