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Painting Of Autumn Tree

Essential Gardening Tips for September and October

Having worked on your garden throughout the summer, you may have thought that during September and October you can sit back, relax and enjoy the last of the light evenings this year as your garden blooms.

Whilst this is true in some respects, there are still some tasks to carry out over the next two months to keep your garden looking great.

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Trowel Gardening Gloves And Bulbs

How to be a Super Savvy Autumn Gardener

The last lingering bursts of summer sunshine are few and far between and it’s time to face facts. Autumn is here. Officially the first day of autumn was the 22nd September, so it’s time to embrace fiery golden foliage, shiny conkers underfoot, blackberries on hedgerows and maybe even start thinking about breaking out the electric blanket. But what does all this mean for the autumn gardener?

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