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Essential Gardening for September and October

Having spent most of the year so-far working on your garden you may have thought that during August and September that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the sun within your garden, as your garden blooms with the bright colours of various flowers. Whilst in some respects this is correct, to ensure that your garden remains looking great there are still certain tasks which you’ll need to carry out over the next two months, as outlined below.


Whilst August was the month to generally sit back and enjoy your garden, during September you’ll need to begin carrying out work in the garden again, particularly if you’ve opted to grow your own fruit and vegetables – as September is the month to harvest many of these.

As you harvest the fruits and vegetables grown within your garden this year, you’ll also no doubt notice that your flowerbeds have started to dwindle in colour, and the leaves on your trees are starting to turn a crimson colour as autumn arrives.

With the colour in the garden changing from the brightness of the summer, through to the oranges, reds, golds and browns of autumn, September is the month to deadhead your flowers, prune your trees and give your garden a tidy, which will also help save the work during the wetter and colder months of November and December.

To help make the task of deadheading and pruning your plants, shrubs, and trees, as well as removing garden waste easier during September, at eSpares we stock a range of essential gardening tools, appliances and spare parts including Black and Decker shear chargers; Flymo shredder cutting plates and Karcher shredder wheels.


For when the crimson leaves turn brown and fall onto the lawn, decking, and patio throughout the winter months, it’s important to ensure that they are cleaned away at the earliest opportunity, rather than left to rot on the ground, covering the lawn and preventing the grass from getting vital sunlight.

The best way to remove such garden debris, is to use a garden vacuum – particularly one which has a blower function, as this will enable you to remove debris from those hard to reach corners within your garden; and at eSpares we stock a range of spare parts and accessories for garden vacuums by all the top brands. For those who don’t wish to use a garden vacuum but want such debris removed from the garden, we also stock manual leaf collectors.

With the garden waste increasing during October, it is important to ensure that you have somewhere to dispose of it; and whilst you could dispose of it via your weekly recycling collection; a more economical solution, which is also better for your garden, is to place it in your very own compost bin – and if you don’t already have one, September is the perfect month to start.

If you are going to start a compost bin within your garden, along with placing it within an area of the garden away from where daily activities are carried out; it’s also important to remember to add a variety of different materials, such as cardboard, vegetable peelings, and grass cuttings; but never add pest-ridden material, as this will nurture the pests which you’re trying to rid your garden of.

With your plants, shrubs and trees deadheaded and pruned; fallen leaves collected and the final cut of the year carried out, your garden is now almost ready for the winter months – although don’t forget to cover your patio furniture and barbeque, to ensure that come the first signs of summer next year they are ready for use.

If you have any tips for essential work which needs to be conducted in the garden during September and October, share them within the comment section – and help your fellow green-finger pals.

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