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How to be a Super Savvy Autumn Gardener

The last days of summer are passing us by, with autumn rearing its head. Unfortunately for gardeners, that means the most colourful and rewarding part of the year is over… but worry not! You don’t actually need to hang up your gardening gear just yet.

The sun may not be shining quite so brightly anymore, but there are still plenty of ways for enthusiastic gardeners to keep their green fingers busy. Read on for our top tips on how to be a super savvy autumn gardener!

Make the Most of Your Autumn Harvest

Fresh Berries and Jam on Bread

If you grow fruits and vegetables in your garden, with any luck you’ll still be getting produce in autumn. Keep harvesting it regularly, and if you have more fruit and veg than you can handle, store the rest. It’d be a real shame for your delicious home-grown foods to go to waste.

  • Freeze fruits and incorporate them into baking recipes at a later date. Washed out ice cream tubs or plastic takeaway cartons make handy freezer storage containers.
  • Surplus fruits can also be dried or used to make homemade jams or wines.
  • Most vegetables can be frozen too, or alternatively they can be preserved by pickling.
  • Onions and potatoes will keep for several months as long as they’re stored in a dark, dry area in a breathable bag.

Don’t be Caught Out by Frost

Berries and Frost

Before Jack Frost gets his icy tendrils into your garden, move any potted plants likely to fall victim to the cold weather inside to keep them healthy. Check the plants for pests beforehand and hose off any creepy crawlies so you don’t bring unwanted guests into your home!

If you have any herbaceous or perennial plants (the types that flower year after year) that you’d like to move, now is the time to do it before the ground gets too cold and hard.

Plant Spring Flowers

Pink Lillies

You may find yourself feeling a little gloomy as the mornings and evenings get darker, but planning ahead for spring could be just the thing to cheer your spirits. Plant your hardier spring and summer bulbs now and enjoy a host of hyacinths, lilies, crocus and of course golden daffodils come springtime. Wordsworth would be proud.

Allium bulbs like garlic, onions, leeks and chives can also be planted at this time of year.

Prune, Remove and Compost Dead Plants

Autumn Bush Getting Pruned

Cut back plants that have grown a little too unruly over the summer and remove dead stems to encourage future growth. If trimming your bushes and shrubs is more labour intensive than usual, your hedge trimmer could need some maintenance. Restore it to its former glory with replacement parts from our site.

Remove old crops, weeds and dead annual plants from your garden too. You can either compost them or even start preparing a bonfire ready for November. Stand by for toasted marshmallows!

Store Your Gardening Gear Correctly

Close Up of Lawnmower

When the time finally does come to finish gardening for the year, many gardeners (and especially newbies) can make the costly error of not storing their gardening gear properly throughout autumn and winter. This can spell disaster, causing your tools to rust and suffer until next spring comes around – by which point, they’ll be looking a little worse for wear!

Whether it’s sheathing your shears or keeping your lawnmower tucked away from the elements, properly storing your gardening equipment can save you a fortune in the long run. That being said, rust isn’t the end of the world (as long as it isn’t too extensive). Simply get your hands on some anti-rust and anti-corrosion sprays and your rusting tools will be more than grateful.

Now that you know how to keep up with your gardening in autumn, you might as well read our blog on 5 super effective ways to to tackle pesky autumn leaves. Happy gardening!

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