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Extension Lead With Multiple Plugs

Are Your Plugged In Appliances Wasting Your Money?

It’s night time. You’re tucked up in bed. It’s dark, quiet and peaceful. But unbeknownst to you, vampire power is draining energy from all around your home. Sounds spooky!

Actually… it’s less exciting than it sounds. Vampire power is just a more interesting term for the power being used by your appliances when they are left on standby. And it’s not garlic or a wooden stake which will ward off this vampire, just some good habits to minimise your energy use.

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Man Repairing His Washing Machine Himself

5 Genuine Benefits of Fixing Your Appliance Yourself

Why is fixing your appliance yourself such a good call? You’ll often hear us proclaim that a DIY fix is so much better than hiring a tradesperson or buying a new machine. But can we back up our declarations? Yes siree! We have here not one but five reasons why it’s better to fix your appliance yourself and you don’t just have to take our word for it, our customers have a say in the matter too.

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Owner Kissing Her Dog

Top 3 Unusual Ways to Treat Your Pooch!

As dog lovers out there may know, this weekend is the 125th anniversary of the world-famous dog show, Crufts. It seems like a good excuse (if you need one) to treat the furry member of your family. And treat them you certainly can with these three gadgets you’ve probably never heard of, that are designed to delight your dog.

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Pig Bank on Money

Do You Know How Much Your Appliances Cost You?

Your home is full of them, TV adverts are always reminding us of the latest ones…but do you know how much your household appliances, both big and small, are costing you each year to run?

According to the Department of Energy & Climate Change, in 2014 the average electricity bill in the UK was over £590. But do you know how much your appliances are costing you?

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White Cloud Wifi Logo

Are Your Appliances Affecting Your Wi-Fi?

When looking to buy a new home, a top-tip is to envisage where the Christmas tree will go. If you can clearly see where you’d place it then you’re said to be onto a winner with the home.

However, the placement of the Christmas tree may soon be replaced by visualising where you’ll place your Wi-Fi router to ensure you get the best signal, particularly after it was estimated by Ofcom that as many as 6 million homes and businesses are running Wi-Fi at a slow speed.

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Hand On Door Knocker

What’s That Noise? The Knocking Washing Machine

Come rain or shine, the washing machine never seems to get a rest, as there will always be clothes which need washing – whether its school uniform, a football kit or your favourite top for a night out. Due to the constant demands put upon the machine, it’s important, nay vital, that your appliance is in top working order – but as with all household appliances faults can, do and will occur.

A common fault with washing machines is leaking; but locating a leak on a washing machine can often be easy, with the seal, hoses and valves often the primary suspects.

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