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What’s That Noise? The Knocking Washing Machine

Come rain or shine, the washing machine never seems to get a rest, as there will always be clothes which need washing – whether its school uniform, a football kit or your favourite top for a night out. Due to the constant demands put upon the machine, it’s important, nay vital, that your appliance is in top working order – but as with all household appliances faults can, do and will occur.

A common fault with washing machines is leaking; but locating a leak on a washing machine can often be easy, with the seal, hoses and valves often the primary suspects.

Other faults however, such as a knocking sound, which would give a Boeing 747 a run for its money in terms of noise, is likely to be harder to diagnose. Well it would be, if you didn’t have the eSpares team on your side.

The knocking sound from a washing machine could be caused by a number of reasons, meaning that finding (and repairing) the issue with your machine is going to take some trial and error; and the first step should be checking that all four feet of your machine are on the floor.

Each washing machine comes complete with adjustable feet, which when twisted enable you to adjust the height of your washing machine. After checking, and potentially, adjusting the feet, double check that all four feet of your machine touch the floor .

If your machine is level but your machine is still making a knocking sound when in use, the issue could still be simple to fix, as it could be nothing more than the items being washed bunching up at one side and causing the drum to be unbalanced.

Again, the solution for this is simple. When loading the machine always check that you have a balanced load.

Fingers crossed, one of these issues will be the reason behind your knocking machine. However, if you leave your machine to continue knocking, then there’s a good chance you’ll be required to carry out further maintenance on your machine as your bearings are likely to become damaged. This can also occur as a result of constant unbalanced loads taking their toll.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you, checking, replacing and / or repairing the bearings on your washing machine isn’t going to be the easiest task, nor the quickest. But by carrying out the work yourself, you will save money!

To check, repair and / or replace the bearings on your machine, you will require not only a lot of time but also a good sized space to work within, so if possible make your kitchen a “no go zone” whilst the work is being carried out.

Workspace sorted and trusted toolbox close to hand, it’s time to follow the “How to Replace the Bearings on a Washing Machine” video on the eSpares website – which has been put together by our experienced engineer.

Following the video will help make the work you’re about to carry out a lot easier; and if, as you follow the step-by-step guide in the video, you find that you need a new part for your machine; again we’re on hand with our extensive selection of washing machine spare parts, including bearing kits, washing machine seals and washing machine door hinges.

Bearings checked and machine put back together your washing machine should no longer resemble a Boeing 747 but instead remain silent as it effortlessly makes your whites whiter than white; and what’s more, you can give yourself a pat-on-the-back knowing that you, and you alone, successfully repaired your appliance – and for little outlay – so Well Done!

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