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How your relationship with appliances has changed during lockdown

Washer noise replacing the radio? Developing a love/hate relationship with your fridge?

Since the lockdown, many things in our lives have changed. We’ve grown into budding bakers, we count down the minutes to our daily walk and we get dressed up to go to the local supermarket!

The way we use appliances has changed too. Maybe we appreciate them more, use them more or are wishing we could keep away from them! Here’s how your relationship with your appliances has changed over the lockdown period.


What was once a midnight Netflix binge has now turned into you watching serial killer documentaries at 8am. Popcorn for breakfast? Why not! It no longer matters if your oven breaks and you have to microwave everything or your washer breaks so you have to re-wear dirty clothes. Everything will be absolutely fine as long as that TV light remains green!

Couple Glued To TV With Popcorn

Washing machine

The noise of the washing machine has now replaced the sound of your radio as you hear it playing in the background of every conference call! Your new routine is as follows:

Coffee break – put a wash on
Lunch break – hang the washing out
Finished work – your laundry is clean and dry

Oh the bliss. How we will ever go back to Sunday afternoon laundry loads?
Cute Toys Sitting In Washing Machine


Ah the glorious fridge. Filled to the brim with essential (and not so essential) food and drinks. It keeps your beers, snacks and desserts cold and ready for any time of day.

But that any time of day can be a problem! you’re now having cake for breakfast, desserts after every meal and beer at any time of day.

The love-hate relationship is real.
Woman Eating Food from Fridge Looking Guilty


1 load at the end of the day has turned into 3 a day due to 3-course breakfasts and pre-lunch snacks. Our dishwasher has taken a beating. And, if you don’t have a dishwasher, we’re thinking of you – hang in there!

Man Smiling Next to Dishwasher


What does this do again? Crisply ironed shirts are a thing of the past as pyjamas become the new workwear and sports clothing envy is now a real thing. Creases are now just part of life!
Woman Throwing Creased Clothing In Air

Coffee machine

We always loved our coffee machines. But gosh we took them for granted. How would you get through homeschooling, home working and just home everything without them?

Woman smiling With Cup Of Coffee

Hair straighteners

Again, what are these? We’re embracing the au natural look and we love it. Straighteners, makeup and sometimes hairbrushes are gathering dust and this is one thing we’re not sad about!
Woman With Hair Standing Up

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