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Top 3 Unusual Ways to Treat Your Pooch!

As dog lovers out there may know, this weekend is the 125th anniversary of the world famous dog show, Crufts. Seems like a good excuse (if you need one) to treat the furry member of your family. And treat them you certainly can with these three gadgets you’ve probably never heard of, that are designed to delight your dog.

Vacuum Cleaner Grooming Tool

Dyson Dog Grooming Tool

Credit: Dyson.co.uk

Grooming your dog is a great way to help the two of you bond. Grooming brushes keep your dog’s coat shiny and knot free, but require a lot of cleaning up afterwards. The hair gets everywhere. But it doesn’t have to.

Dyson have created a specialist vacuum cleaner attachment to groom medium and long haired dogs. Don’t worry, the tool reduces the vacuum cleaner’s suction so it won’t stick to your dog’s skin! Instead it gently grooms your pet, stimulating healthy blood circulation and removing loose hairs and dead skin cells before they can brush off on your upholstery.

Soon, whenever you vacuum your floors your dog will be eagerly awaiting a grooming session. Be careful not to over-groom though, once a month is ideal as more than that runs the risk of drying out your dog’s skin.

Pedigree or mutt, treating your dog to regular grooming sessions will keep them looking worthy of the best in show accolade all year round.

Dog Biscuit Maker

Homemade Dog Biscuit Maker

Credit: Proidee.co.uk

Treating a dog with food is a no-brainer. Anyone who’s seen their dog go crazy over a morsel of chicken knows unexpected food is extremely exciting prospect for a pooch. But rather than heading to the local supermarket and grabbing a bag of pre-made dog snacks, have you tried making your own treats? If not a dog biscuit maker (think waffle maker for dogs) is a super easy way to give homemade dog biscuits a go.

In just ten minutes you can cook healthy, delicious treats with no additives (so you won’t have to deal with a hyperactive hound). Homemade dog food has the same benefits as homemade human food; you know the ingredients used to make it are fresh and non-artificial. Just like us humans, some dogs have allergies and sensitivities to different food groups like wheat or dairy. So with homemade biscuits you can cater to your dog’s diet with treats you know won’t make them ill.

There are all sorts of ideas out there to try from bacon biscuits to minty biscuits that freshen your dog’s breath. Just add your chosen recipe into the biscuit maker and your biscuits will emerge golden brown and just the right size for a treat.

Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher

Dog Playing With iFetch

Credit: goiFetch.co.uk

It’s no secret dogs love to play fetch. In fact, dogs love fetch so much that you’ll most likely tire of throwing balls or sticks before your pet tires of bringing them back. But that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Not if you have a clever little gadget called iFetch.

It’s a simple yet ingenious idea. Your dog places balls in a funnel and said balls are then launched into the air for him or her to fetch. Getting your dog to use the gadget may require a little training. But once they’ve got the hang of it you can select the distance balls are launched, or choose the variable setting to keep your dog guessing.

With various sized balls to suit large or small dogs, you can keep yours entertained for hours. Use the iFetch indoors to keep your dog entertained while you’re watching TV or top up your tan outside whilst your dog exercises. With handy features like non-abrasive balls to look after your dog’s teeth and a high pitched alert, letting your dog know a ball is about to be released, for the first time ever your dog can decide exactly when the game of fetch ends.

Isn’t technology wonderful? The humble vacuum cleaner can be used for mess free grooming, waffle iron technology also makes delicious dog biscuits and a game of fetch can be held with a machine. Who says you can’t teach an old appliance new tricks?

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