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Black Friday Lable

Save Money This Black Friday – Fix It Yourself

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, as consumers descend on the shops in the hope of picking up a bargain. But why go and join the frenzy of sale shopping, when for an even greater saving, you could repair your appliance.

To help you save money we’ve compiled a brief guide on how you can fix the common faults you’re likely to find with those household appliances which are used on a regular basis.

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Fix it With Tools

eSpares Joins National Fix It Week

Have a look around your kitchen, how many appliances can you see? There will be your cooker, hob and cooker, no doubt a microwave too; not to mention a washing machine and in a large proportion of homes a tumble dryer too.

In your cupboards you may also have a blender, toaster and steamer. These are all from one room, when you consider the other appliances dotted around your home there will be a vast number. Now, imagine if you will for a moment that a couple of these appliances (the bigger ones such as your cooker and washing machine) stop working. Frustrating right? Not to mention costly.

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Back To School

Back to School Essentials…..for GCSE & A-Level Students

There was a time when preparing to go back to school brought about a bit of excitement after spending six-weeks off; with the fortnight before the first-day back revolving round getting new school uniform and school shoes; through to getting a whole new pencil case and stationary set – which invariably included testing out a number of gel pens in store, only to be told by mum that you weren’t having them.

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Diagnosis Writen On Chalkboard

Our Brand New Diagnosis Videos

Appliances, there are a lot of them. Appliance spares, there are even more of those. And when it comes to making videos showing you how to fit said spares in said appliances, we’ve really got our work cut out for us. While we’re very proud of the depth and breadth of our videos on our YouTube channel (we’re pushing 400 videos as I write), the list of videos that we make can never be exhausted. So, when it comes to deciding what to film next, we’ve got a LOT to choose from.

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Genuine Stamp

Universal vs Genuine

At eSpares we’re constantly promoting a “make do and mend” attitude. It’s really refreshing to hear about how many people are adopting the same and discovering just how easy it is to carry out home repairs and restore your appliances to their full working glory, for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Household appliances should be built to last and it’s unacceptable to think that even when used properly and taken care of, they might give up the ghost after only a couple years. Sure, as to be expected with any machine, individual components will endure wear and tear from usage but this is where you can grab the Bull by the horns, identify the problem, find a solution and fix it yourself!

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